Dr. Layne Norton

In this BioLayne Video Log, we discuss myths surrounding 'anabolic' hormones.

How relevant are they to the drug free?
Are they even anabolic in the physiological range? 

  • BioLayne Video Log 25   Hormone Myths

In this BioLayne Video Log, we discuss why the notion of I'll be happy when (insert goal) is reached. Why happiness and success is a state of being. You must enjoy the process and have passion for the process in order to maintain consistent happiness and success.

  • BioLayne Video Log 26 - Happiness as a State of Being

In this YouTube video, Layne Norton answers the following questions: 

What happens when you consume more than 30g protein in one sitting? 
How much of that is going to induce an anabolic response? 
What's the real truth about protein and your kidneys? 
How can we explain the link between meat consumption and cancer?

  • BioLayne Video Log 4 - Myths About Protein

What Intake is Right For You?

Dr. Layne Norton clarifies the misguided belief that carbohydrates and insulin are necessarily anabolic, drawing on studies that demonstrate the muscle protein synthesis response in relation to different macronutrient combinations. Additionally, Dr. Norton discusses the thermogenic properties of ketogenic diets as well as the adaptive abilities of an individual's metabolism. 

  • BioLayne Video Log 18 - Carbohydrate Metabolism: What Intake is Right for You?

In this 30-minute clip, Dr. Layne Norton discusses what happens to the body when you diet. More specifically, he covers the relationship between bodyfat and the number of diets attempted, the physiological adaptations that occur upon conclusion of the fat loss phase, and the mechanisms by which bodyfat setpoint is affected. He also goes over what happens when weight is re-gained rapidly after a diet and illustrates a sample weight loss progress scenario. 

  • BioLayne Video Log 23 - Is Your Weight Loss Diet Making You Fatter?