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Are you ready for the holiday season? Are you prepared for the healthy eating challenges it brings with it? While some of us may seek out the fun and festivities, others will likely be attending parties, over-eating and consequently, dealing with the dreaded holiday weight gain. Studies show that on average, most people will gain 5-10 unwanted pounds during this time of year. And of those who are dieting, 95 percent of these individuals will gain their weight back. Why is weight gain so prevalent this time of year, and how can we stay on our healthy course when so many unhealthy variables entice us, and the pressure to overeat threatens to throw us off our healthy course? Whether you’re on a fit body plan of maintenance or about to embark on a new plan for a new body, here are 4 effective tricks that will prevent you from gaining weight, while also allowing you to enjoy the foods you love:

What is the difference between being a celiac and being gluten sensitive?

Celiac disease is a form of severe gluten intolerance. For those suffering from this, gluten is outright dangerous and should be avoided at all cost! This disease is relatively rare and about 1 in 133 people have it, according to The Virgin Diet.

By now, if you haven’t heard of the gluten-free craze, you must have been living underneath a rock for years now. What is gluten and is going gluten-free healthy for us? Is gluten-free living the new green, or is it like many fad diets, another passing trend that will die out like the once-popularized fat-free diet?

Embody It

What should we do when we are not feeling like a superhero, standing on top of the world? Can we fake until we make it? We suggest you practice embodying it, acting it until you become it. What are the characteristics of successful people? They tend to embrace a way of thinking, a way of viewing the world in ways that may seem almost paradoxical, through their own filtered lenses—no matter what their external environment may be dictating to them at the time. Regardless of where you may fall on this scale, here are a few of the qualities that you can begin to practice and embody right away.

 Are You Ready to Begin Your Journey to Success?

Have you noticed that any time we choose a new course of action or take on a new life change, obstacles arise and self-doubt creeps up? In goal setting, for example, seeing ourselves as being a part of the end result can be as unachievable as it is daunting. But take it from those who have been there, done that-- with true grit, commitment and perseverance, you can achieve whatever you set your mind to doing.

What does it mean to be accountable for something?

When we take responsibility for our actions, we practice accountability. Being honest and admitting when we break something—our word, our commitment, our agreement with others, etc. –shows accountability, as does following through when we commit to something.

Eat with your eyes today. Did you know that summertime activities demand a higher amount of carb intake? This is true for most body types- whether we’re ectomorphs, endomorphs, or mesomorphs. Typically we are much more active during this season, so it’s important to keep up with adequate levels of carb intake, as well as increase hydration. But choose your carbs wisely; understand ‘slow’ and ‘fast’ carbs to avoid insulin spikes. Choose carbs that come from the ground and go organic if possible. This way, you’re running on high octane fuel and not the low kind.

This week, pack your lunchboxes. One of the key strategies of success is keeping meal intervals consistent. This means, eating every 3-4 hours balanced, nutritious meals. If we like our body to a car, what kind of car would you be today? Are we a high-performance Ferrari or a beat down Pinto running on fumes? Let’s do a positive self-check:

How to Awaken Your Grumpy Butt: Perfecting the Squat Series

The squat has got to be the basis or the ‘mother’ of all lower body movement. Many experienced teachers emphasize the importance of mastering one’s squat form before progressing into more complex movements. It’s no wonder as it is often performed incorrectly. Just look around in any scenario— good alignment seems to go down the tubes with this one.

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