Corrine Banks

Let us first debunk what has long been considered to be fact in the exercise and nutrition world; that protein alone will repair the damage that endurance or strength training does to body during it’s repair phase.The National Center for Biotechnology Information which is part of the United States National Library of Medicine and a branch of the National Institutes of Health did a study called The Effects of protein supplements on muscle damage, soreness and recovery of muscle function and physical performance: a systematic review. In conclusion they stated “Overwhelmingly, studies have consistently demonstrated the acute benefits of protein supplementation on post-exercise muscle anabolism, which, in theory, may facilitate the recovery of muscle function and performance."

I participate in a variety of sports each of which requires training for that particular sport. When I was doing ultra-running, I was also racing short 5k’s and road triathlons. When I was training for Ironman, I was also racing off-road mountain bike triathlons. Currently, I am only participating in running races here and there but, training for Stand Up Paddle board race season and will have to train in swimming, mountain biking, and trail running for September’s Team USA cross-triathlon World Championship in Italy. That is a lot of training especially considering the lack of trails and hills in my area!

I have been active my entire life. By 11 years old I would ride my bike about 5 miles each way to swim practice in the summer and then ride around all day after. I started lifting weights with my swim team at 12 and could beat all the boys in middle school in arm wrestling as a result (except my boyfriend because I didn’t want to embarrass him!). And even though I grew up in Pennsylvania, my family went to New Jersey beaches on weekends and I taught myself how to surf at 13. I just kept beating myself up in the water until I got it. At that time I was one of the few females surfing in Long Beach Island, in fact, I only remember seeing one other girl out there in those first 3 years. Thus, I grew accustomed to playing outdoors in my various sports solo or being one of the only chicks around. It may have toughened me up as well though. During those tender pre-teen and teen years I was somewhat ashamed of my muscular body and felt boyish. This was also the era of stick thin beauty perception.