Erick Minor

Strength Studio is moving into a new facility in less than a month, and several folks have asked "What type of 'cardio' equipment will you have?" When I tell them, "We don't use 'cardio' machines," they are puzzled. So for those who may not know, I will address several common questions we receive and explain why we don't do traditional "cardio" exercise.

Gut health is rarely considered as an obstacle when trying to improve performance or when overcoming an injury. Yet, gut health has a massive impact on how fast you recover from training, illness, and/or trauma. Without a healthy gut, your immune function will be compromised and you will not extract all the vital nutrients from food or supplements. This can lead to an inability to fight infection and create nutritional inadequacies that will exacerbate the problem.

If you use a specific training technique long enough, it will eventually stop producing the desired results. As strength coach Charles Poliquin has stated “A program is only as good as the time it takes for you to adapt to it”

When traditional hypertrophy methods lose effectiveness, advanced techniques can get you out of a training rut.

I am often asked by friends and colleagues; “Erick, how do you stay so lean since you only train 3 -4 days/ week?” My answer is usually …

  1. I eat a low-carb, high protein, good fat diet year-round, and
  2. I follow a high-volume, high-density strength training program. 

Achieving ultra-low bodyfat is the ambition of most serious physique competitors. Thin skin separates the winners from the “also-rans” and inspires looks of concern from laymen. Everyone of us has seen someone who was so lean and detailed that their appearance seemed to defy nature. The rarity of such conditioning and the reactions that it evokes from spectators is one reason why it is pursued with such fervor.

Calling all female trainees!

Do you want a serious set of glutes that are taut and round? Of course, you do–who doesn’t? If you are lacking in glute development, don’t fret, there is hope. All you need to do is train and eat properly, work hard, and be consistent.

Whenever you read about living a healthier life, about improving your physique and performance, the word "lifestyle" is invoked.

Yet despite the fact that everybody is constantly talking, writing and, as of late, "blogging" about it, nobody ever addresses what lifestyle actually means nor has compiled a list of lifestyle tips, such as the one I am have for you, today.

According to the venerable Oxford English Dictionary the word "lifestyle" refers to: A style or way of living (associated with an individual person, a society, etc.); esp. the characteristic manner in which a person lives (or chooses to live) his or her life.