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By Shelley McClellan, D.P.T., C.S.C.S.

Pain on the medial (or inside) aspect of the elbow as a result on tendonitis is often referred to as golfer’s elbow. Like its counterpart “tennis elbow” (lateral epicondylitis), which is tendonitis on the outside aspect of the elbow, both conditions are generally the result of over-use of the forearm musculature. The symptoms include: pain emanating from the elbow and tenderness to the touch at the bony part of the elbow.

By: Jeffrey Miller

Everyday, hundreds and perhaps thousands of men and women think about taking martial arts lessons. I know because I hear from them constantly, either by way of email, phone, or in letters mailed to the academy. The vast majority are, more-often-than not, trapped in this "thinking about it" stage and will never take that next, most important step to making it happen. And, it's sad really. While the reasons vary as to why each person wants to involve themselves in the martial arts... 1. Self-defense... 2. Life skills... 3. An affinity for the East or the concept of Warriorship, and... 4. Many more too numerous to list here ...the point is that each sees what he or she needs to feel more confident, powerful, or in-control of his or her life through the study and practice of the martial arts. Why then, are these well-meaning individuals stuck in, what Dr. Seuss called, "The Waiting Place?"