Chase Pami

If you have read any of my past articles you will realize that I am not a big fan of diets. Most of the time people only diet until they reach their desired weight and it ends there. Or they fail in the first couple of months trying. I am always going to encourage people to make healthy eating a lifestyle. However, if you are going to diet here are few important things to remember.

On their website Mayo Clinic defines metabolism as “the process by which your body converts what you eat and drink into energy.” The body is always burning calories but different factors determine how quickly they are being burned off. Some of the most relevant factors include: age, sex, activity level, nutrition, and body size. If you’re trying to boost your metabolism it is important that you develop a consistent and balanced approach.

As a wrestler most of my career has revolved around weight management. Some of my practices are great and others are not the healthiest. I have been competing at the international level for 6 years and lose an average of 15-20 pounds to make my weight class. Which might sound crazy but if done right then over an extended amount of time it is not too bad. During that time, I have found a few very practical and easy things to manage weight.