Frances Marks

The most important aspect of any program, whether it is weight-loss/gain or for increased strength or performance, is the nutrition. Members and clients at any facility spend significantly more time away from the gym than in the gym, which is why I say results are 80% the nutrition and 20% exercise.

The summer months bring warmer weather, which come along with outdoor barbecues, get-togethers and parties. We already know the pitfalls of all the food at these events, but how does your casual beer (or two, or three) affect the progress you’ve made in the gym? It’s not just the calories that are the concern, but how do even the light beers affect you?

Physical fitness is more important than ever with over 66% of American adults considered overweight or obese, and nearly 30% of children and adolescents categorized as overweight or obese. These statistics make me even more thankful for my parents and their investments in health and tenacity in keeping me and my siblings active growing up. Despite how active my parents are, my dad would have fallen in the majority of Americans as overweight a few years ago until he made changes recently.

Spring is a time of renewal and growth. Flowers begin to bloom, coming out from dormancy, and we start to come out from under our layers of clothing (and likely a couple extra pounds). To prepare for spring, I have put together my five favorite natural detox tips for cleansing yourself inside and out. This spring, focus on incorporating these five things in your lifestyle and reap the benefits.

With so many options when it comes to exercise and fitness, there’s much to be learned. It comes as no surprise that newbies to the gym are overwhelmed. “Where do I start? Which class is the best? How do I get abs?” are all questions personal trainers receive on a regular basis. Working in the fitness industry, we see different trends, and there’s always a new class or workout style that is the “best new thing.”