Joe Rosner

Most of us have been pushed towards mainly aerobic exercise such as walking, bicycling or swimming for weight loss or heart health it’s been this way for years. This is still a great way to increase overall heart health and to lose some weight, but adding strength training is beneficial. In the gym it is extremely popular to hop on a treadmill, or bike because it’s the first piece of equipment you see or understand how to operate. Below I will explain the benefits to adding strength training to your exercise routine.

Fad diets are a thing of the past. People are looking for something that is easy and able to maintain for a long period of time. And that new “diet” is called Flexible Dieting. This type of dieting, if we dare call it a diet anymore, is gaining speed fast as a new way of eating.

When people think of a “gym rat” they typically think of a guy with a massive chest and exploding biceps. No one usually comments on their back, that’s because it’s not a major focus for someone to lift because you can’t see it. If someone knew how important the back muscles are they would train chest and back equally. Actually when someone has a good back it flatters their figure. For instance, the muscles on the outer and upper back give the body the iconic V-shape. When a male or female has a great V-shape it makes their waist look smaller and enhance the overall look of the upper body. Let’s continue and learn what the rest of the muscles in the back are and their function.