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Now, this is mainly for the cardio bunny out there. That happens to mostly be women, but is a good deal of men as well. What is a cardio bunny you ask? Someone who goes to the gym and only gets on the elliptical or the treadmill (cardio equipment in general) and doesn't do any resistance training.

To most people in the gym, intensity is going faster. Jumping from exercise to exercise with limited to no rest periods. Basically doing supersets, tri sets, or giant sets. Now that is indeed a more intense workout, no question, and that will certainly increase your fat burning potential (metabolics). Is it however the best way to increase the intensity of your workout?

According to the CRN Consumer Survey 68% of the US take some form of supplements, with the number one consumed supplement being Fish Oil. The number two most consumed supplement is a multivitamin, but what do you take for you heart? I am going to tell you about the top five.

Did you even know that there are different types of proteins? Do you even read the back of the supplement bottle you're taking, or just go by what the fitness celebrity endorsing it says? There are whey protein isolates and concentrates. What is casein? Which is which? What are they, what do they do?

How do you train? What do you train? How long do you train? With so many methods and avenues out there, it can be hard and even frustrating to find what works for you or what is needed for you to get to where you're wanting to be. So what are you doing? Whats your end game? Have you found it yet? If you're training for a marathon, you're going to be training totally different from the way you'd train for a body building show or a tough mudder.

First let me start by saying that I hate the word diet. It is a lifestyle change. Diet implies an ending, and there shouldn't be an end point to a cleaner healthier lifestyle. Since that's out of the way, you need to establish your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and your daily energy expenditure. I wrote about that in a previous article. That is key to finding out total calories needed and therefore breaking down your macro nutrients.

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Avoiding Injuries with SMR

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Self Myofascial Release (SMR), what is that?! Many have probably never heard of it, but I bet you have heard of its slang terminology…foam rolling. With me now? Ok, so let's get started.

 For most "Pre Workout" means a supplement, but for some it's a whole agenda. I am going to take you through my preparation for a workout. Keep in mind that there isn't really a right and wrong in a the pre workout phase. You know you should be properly warmed up, and you should be taking some type of supplement, whether that be SRX brand or not, taking a pre workout supplement will certainly help you on your fitness journey. My personal preferences are SRX Thermo Ignite, and Pre-Jym. Just please don't take C4! If you want to know why, email me and ill be happy to fill you in.

The definition of power is the rate of doing work. Which is expressed as the amount of energy consumed per unit time. The equation is P=W/t or power equals work over time. So what does that really mean to us?

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