Lacey Bruschke

This month at Dash Fitness Studios, every day of the week, we write a quote on our mirrors with a positive affirmation. By the end of the month, our mirrors will be full of quotes inspiring our clients and reminding them of everything their body has to offer. A few years ago, I was frustrated because I made a mistake and commented that I had been so stupid. My friend that was with me asked, “Would you say that to anyone else?” This question took me by surprise. I laughed, uncomfortable by the question. Of course my reply was, “No.” She smiled and replied, “I didn’t think so. You need to show yourself some self-compassion!” Little does she realize I took this important advice to heart.

It’s that time of year. Everyone is ready to eat healthier and get back into an exercise routine. Sadly, 36% of people break their resolutions by January’s end, according to researchers at the University of Scranton. At DASH® Fitness, we are nearing the end of our Holiday Obsidian® Challenge. We intentionally took our participants through all of the holidays and January, hoping they could continue their fitness journey well into 2015! With that in mind, here are six strategies that will help you stay on point! 

Whether it’s outings with the kids, pool time, vacations, theme parks, hikes, boating, or spending eight hours at your desk, making sure to eat 2-3 snacks can be a challenge. With that said, it’s the perfect time of year to enjoy fresh produce. I suggest frequenting the Farmers Markets or even better, growing your own fruits and veggies!

You can thoroughly enjoy your summer and avoid gaining weight by planning ahead. Always pack a snack so that you can keep fueling your body. Too many of us make the mistake of either going way too long without eating, or giving in, and eating foods that are not good for us. Think of your body like a fire. FUEL is the key. Without it, there is no flame. Our bodies are no different.