PK Mills

1. Squatting and deadlifting are two of the most natural movements for the human body.

We are pre-programmed to do these movements perfectly. For proof, I just have to watch the actions of my 14-month old son Kayden Blade. His squat is absolutely flawless. Perfect stance, ass-to-grass, neutral spine etc. All the cues we have to re-teach in adults that we unlearn from modern living are already ingrained in an infant.

One of the many things I’d like to thank the CrossFit community for is making the deadlift cool again. For decades, strength and bodybuilding experts have been preaching the benefits of regular deadlifting for strength gains, muscle development and overall “bad assery”. Unfortunately, this advice seemed to fall on deaf ears. I would travel to various commercial gyms across North America (even so-called hardcore establishments) and I would rarely see anyone pulling a heavy weight from the floor.