Renata Serceki

Bravery, strength and fear are words we hear daily. What is truly the meaning behind them? How can the 3 be paired together?

One of the most influential people in my life was an immigrant with only an 8th grade education and a dream to succeed. He didn't need to succeed for the masses or want to be well-known or famous; he wanted to succeed for his family, for his wife, for my brother, and for me.

Inspirational quotes and memes a plenty, all to help us get through the day or get through a tough time. I wondered just how miserable can we all really be? We all do it. We search online for just the right thing to post on Facebook to have the world help us feel better, but why? Can our lives be that bad that we search online for the answer or get angry when we see someone living life?? How hard can it be to be happy?

As I sit on my tablet scrolling mindlessly through social media I became very aware just how easy we can find anything. From silly gym memes, to diagnosing an illness on WebMD. We can search for any type of workout video, cooking video, and DIY tutorial. Everything you need and some you just don't need to see! However, every once in a while, a motivational quote or story seems to catch your attention and it holds some type of meaning and makes you just stop and think. 

It is one of the strongest emotions that we can have...Fear.

Fear can stop us in our tracks, and fear can make us chose an easier path in life. I know this is an article that is supposed to be about fitness in some way shape or form; and for me, well, fitness is everything; it is also about one of the biggest fears that I had to overcome.

Battling through life is sometime one of the hardest things we have to do. With work, home, and all of the little things that encompass “home”, the spouse, the kids, the bills, the constant running after the kids, the housework, it doesn’t leave much time for you.