Spring Cleaning From The Inside-Out

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If you just can’t seem to lose those last 10-15 pounds or you have hit a plateau in your weight loss goals, it may be time to clean things up.

When our bodies absorb toxins, they coat them in fat to prevent them from causing harm to our system. As a self-defense mechanism, the body will not allow the fat that protects itself from the toxin to be removed. For if the fat is removed, the toxins are allowed to freely cause harm or illness to our body. How to fix this? Remove the toxins.

There are several great ways to get the toxins out of those fatty pockets. And once those fatty pockets are toxin-free, the body will let go of them, thereby resulting in weight loss!

Ultimate Cleanse

Everyone is always encouraged to start their weight loss program with a cleanse. This is of course to remove those toxins and impurities from the fatty pockets so the body will let go of the fat. But if you didn’t start with a cleanse OR you haven’t cleansed in the last 3 months, NOW is the time! The Ultimate Cleanse by Supplement Rx is not a colon cleanse. It is a LYMPHATIC cleanse. That means it cleans out your adrenal glands and receptor cites that often get blocked up due to overuse of stimulants or a poor diet. Think of it as spring cleaning for your body from the inside-out! It’s easy-to-use and there is no special diet, though it is recommended that you eat as healthy as you can while on the cleanse for the greatest benefit. Just add a scoop of the cleanse powder to your juice in the morning or to a protein shake if you desire. Keep up the regimen for 15 days or so, and your body will be running much cleaner than before!

Rx Liver

The liver is the organ that is primarily in charge of detoxification. Once the body senses toxins in the system and they are ready for removal, they are sent to the liver. However, some people overburden their liver with the amount of toxins they are exposed to. Taking Rx Liver by Supplement Rx provides the liver with extra support through a therapeutic dosages of milk thistle, silymarin, turmeric, and superoxide dismutase (SOD). Add 1 or 2 capsules a day to your routine to support your liver. When the liver is working at its optimum levels, it is able to detox the body quickly and efficiently.

Rx Greens

Leafy green vegetables are essential to giving the body the power to push the toxins through to the waste center. Most people have a hard time consuming the daily recommended amount, let alone the optimum levels. Rx Greens by Supplement Rx has more than 30 superfoods and each little scoop is concentrated with 6,000 milligrams of phytonutrients. One scoop a day may provide as much as 18 servings of vegetables a day! These nutrients are vital to the detoxification process.

D3 Essentials

Synthesized from the sun, Vitamin D3 is critical aid in calcium absorption which builds bone density. D3 Essentials contains 5,000 IUs per serving of Vitamin D3 which may help increase muscle strength, lower blood pressure, build immunity and decrease the risk of heart disease. Aiding in skin repair, Vitamin D3 can speed up the wound healing process and help combat fatigue. Vitamin D3 helps in in regulating the neurological and hormonal system, which leads to increased energy.