The Importance of Protein in Your Diet

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I never knew how important protein was until I started implementing it into my diet to lose weight. My diet used to consist of very low protein and a bunch of over­ processed food, and at this time I was very overweight. The foods I ate constantly had me wanting to eat more and I never felt satisfied.

When I decided I wanted to start losing weight, I started learning about protein and just how important it is. I started lifting weights and doing very high intensity workouts. When you're working out and lifting weights, you are breaking down the muscle, and to refuel your muscles and to help them with the recovery, you need protein. Not only is Protein beneficial in maintaining and building muscle, it also keeps you full in between meals compared to let's say a bag of chips and a coke.

When I started using protein in my diet, I began to notice I was achieving greater muscle mass and feeling stronger then ever! I was becoming very satisfied during my meals, because the protein was keeping me full. I also consume lower calories when I consume protein, so that aids in fat loss. When I started drinking more protein shakes, and consuming lean meats, I noticed the fat melting off of my body.

I originally started my weight loss journey back in August of 2013 and when I made the change in nutrition, I dropped my body fat over half of what I originally started at. I started around 32 percent body fat, and currently I am at 14 percent body fat. I also want to mention my love for protein shakes because let's be honest, nobody wants to consume pounds and pounds of chicken in their diet to obtain their macro nutrient goal for protein. I know that would get me burned out on chicken real fast! So when you pair protein shakes between meals, its a great and tasty way to meet your protein goals every day! I also like the fact that when you drink protein shakes compared to meaty types of protein, there is a fast absorption so you make sure that your muscles get those nutrients very quickly! One of my favorite types of shakes I like to do in the mornings is a scoop of SRX Building Blocks protein, a half of a banana, 2 tbs of PB2 and a couple squirts of zero sugar, low calorie caramel syrup that sweetens up my protein shakes and is so delicious!

In conclusion, protein is important with any diet. Even if you are not hitting the gym constantly, it is always a better choice over highly-processed foods that provide you with empty calories and minimal nutrition. It is also great when you are trying to achieve fat loss, because you do not need to consume a lot of calories to feel full. The protein gives you the satisfying feeling without using up all your calories on junk. I also believe shakes are a great way to hit protein goals without eating pounds of meat everyday. You can always mix up your shakes to make them tasty and get the satisfying feeling of being full! I will always use protein in my diet. It has helped me achieve my maximum results with my fitness journey!