Pre- and Post-Workout

Any serious lifter can tell you that in order to continue making progress in size, strength and/or fat loss over the long term, just about every workout needs to be “balls to the wall.” In the beginning, almost any new stimulus will bring about gains. However, after several years of pushing and pulling the iron you must continually push yourself to new heights, and this takes an extraordinary amount of dedication, discipline, passion and MOTIVATION! Here are 7 great ways to get mentally ready to tear things up before even getting on the gym floor!

 For most "Pre Workout" means a supplement, but for some it's a whole agenda. I am going to take you through my preparation for a workout. Keep in mind that there isn't really a right and wrong in a the pre workout phase. You know you should be properly warmed up, and you should be taking some type of supplement, whether that be SRX brand or not, taking a pre workout supplement will certainly help you on your fitness journey. My personal preferences are SRX Thermo Ignite, and Pre-Jym. Just please don't take C4! If you want to know why, email me and ill be happy to fill you in.

Have you ever needed instant energy?  Whether you needed a boost before a workout, competition, or wanted help enhancing your mental alertness, a caffeine product might have been used.  Though these caffeine sources worked, the instant boost didn’t seem apparent. 

When preparing for a workout, your nutrition has been refined over the years but the basic facts remain. You should eat:

•5-6 small meals per day spaced every few hours.

•Lean protein sources to build and repair muscle.

•Complex carbohydrates to fuel energy needs.

•Limited amounts of dietary fats, which also provide energy and are important for hormone production.

 In previous articles I have discussed some things you should not do right before heading to the gym and while performing your actual workout. Now its time to complete the “tale” by delving into some post-workout-pitfalls that you should avoid at all costs!

Pitfall #1: Not Stretching Targeted Muscles – Once the workout is done you should stretch the muscles that were just targeted. This will not only help them recover more quickly and keep you more limber, but may also enhance the growth process!

Pitfall #2: Performing Excessive Cardio – There is nothing wrong with doing some cardio (20-30 minutes maximum) after your weight training, but it should not be excessive or you will severely hamper the physiological/hormonal mechanisms that lead to muscular hypertrophy. Your best bet is to separate cardio and weight training by about 5 hours for optimal progress.

What is the Post Workout Phase? What does it mean? What are you supposed to do? Most people consume something after a workout, but there are those out there that do not. Are you one of those people? Why?!

I have broken this into three parts: 1) carbohydrates, 2) insulin debacle, and 3) muscle glycogen. Apart from these three things, it goes without question that you should be consuming PROTEIN post workout! I personally take in 50g after each training session.

If you have been lifting weights for a while, you have probably heard about the importance of ingesting simple carbohydrates during the critical post-workout window. The idea is that the insulin spike which occurs with carb consumption augments protein uptake and thus optimizes muscle building and repair.

Often times we see that word, either when reading about nutrition or on a sport supplement. What is recovery and how important is the post workout phase?

For any athlete or a person who is seeking results recovery is crucial. If you fail to be fully recovered, for the next physical attempt, which can be the next day or in few hours for some athletes. That can result in bad performance, quick fatigue, weak ability to finish a certain exercise, and if you are in a game then most probably you will lose.