The Pre Workout and You

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 For most "Pre Workout" means a supplement, but for some it's a whole agenda. I am going to take you through my preparation for a workout. Keep in mind that there isn't really a right and wrong in a the pre workout phase. You know you should be properly warmed up, and you should be taking some type of supplement, whether that be SRX brand or not, taking a pre workout supplement will certainly help you on your fitness journey. My personal preferences are SRX Thermo Ignite, and Pre-Jym. Just please don't take C4! If you want to know why, email me and ill be happy to fill you in.




 Anyway, so it's 30 minutes before my workout, right now I'm mixing my pre workout drink (SRX Thermo Ignite). At the start of my workout, obviously the drink is gone and I'm thinking about my warmup. Now what did taking that pre workout drink do for me? Well, a few things: there's the caffeine for energy and focus, and the "pump". Most pre workouts are vasodilators so this pump we get from lifting weights will be exaggerated.


 Today is shoulders/arms so after I foam roll I am going to go through some light weight exercises that will help get my body ready to do some work. Never heard of foam rolling?! You're not alone I promise! It's the easy way of saying Self Myofascial Release. So foam rolling, haha. You've probably seen the long cylinder shaped styrofoam things laying around your gym. Thats a basic foam roller. Using that or in my case one made by Trigger Point and a lot more dense than styrofoam. Again, email me and I will help you get a foam roller that's right for you. Using that I am going to get my lats, and my deltoids really well. Using a lacrosse ball I am going to get my biceps and triceps and pectorals. Now if you haven't ever foam rolled before, I recommend going with maybe a tennis ball or racquet ball to start. As foam rolling is not all that pleasant. It hurts while doing it, but it will pay dividends!


 For my actual resistance warmup, ill grab some 10lb dumbbells and do a set or two of Internal/External shoulder rotations. Keeping my elbows at 90* and tucked into my obliques throughout the duration of the set. Generally I will do a set with my hands pronated and another with my hands supinated. I then am going to do a set or two of full arm circles with 5lb dumbbells. These are full circles all the way around, going forward and backward. My next step will be some tricep extensions utilizing the cables and the rope attachment. This is always very light weight and for about 20 or so reps, just warming up the elbows for all the pressing thats about to happen.


 I hope that this has helped you in some way. I highly recommend taking a pre workout drink, but with all supplements, you should cycle off for a few days. Give your kidneys and liver a little break. I will generally do about 3months on and 3 days off. One take away would be to not be the guy who walks in the gym and goes right for the bench press and loads 225 right off the bat. Take care of your body, and besides, you'll be stronger with proper range of motion!