Building Muscle

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Physique Athletes Guide 1.0

The Sport of Fitness That Truly Changes Your Body

By Vince Andrich

    Learn How To:

  • Train to Create Your Best Body
  • Eat to Look and Feel Your Best
  • Achieve the Visible Benefits you Want
  • Become a Physique Athlete for Life


Physique Athletes Guide 1.1

Training Routines/Splits and Cycles

By Vince Andrich

This is a detailed training program for the first cycle (Phase 1) of the Physique Athlete Training System.



Super Shredded 8

By Jim Stoppani PhD

    You will learn:

  • 8 weeks of work out regimens
  • Meal plans to coincide with your workouts
  • How to instigate calorie burn
  • To shed excess body fat



Micro Muscle:

The 12-Week Plan to Get Bigger, Stronger and Leaner

By Jim Stoppani PhD

    Learn How To:

  • Maximize your results
  • Gain in muscle size and strength
  • Focus on your goals



Shortcut to Size

12-Week Program Based on Tried and True Methods for Gaining Strength and Muscle

By Jim Stoppani PhD

    Learn How To:

  • Linear Periodization & Microcycles
  • Increasing Muscle Strength
  • Boosting Muscle Size
  • Enhancing Fat Loss



Six Weeks to Sick Arms

Grow big arms in just 6 weeks!

By Jim Stoppani PhD

    Learn About:

  • Training Splits
  • Recovery
  • Biceps & Triceps
  • Nutrition, Supplements & Weekly Workouts