Francine Sablan

Francine Sablan

After graduating, I needed to find another outlet, so I enrolled in a gym, worked out and cleaned up my eating habits. Together, this took my body to another level and soon people were asking me if I competed. I had not even thought about that before attending the 2009 NPC Border States Championships; seeing all the glittering, toned, and tanned women on the stage I decided I wanted to do the same.

One of the top questions I get as a personal trainer and competitor is, “What can I do to work out my abs?” We all know that endless hours of crunches are useless without proper nutrition. Those “cuts” that we want so bad can only come out if we strip ourselves from the layer of fat hiding them.

If you have cleaned up your eating habits, have taken the nutrition advice from our team, and have started using our products, then that six pack will come out in no time!

It’s officially summer; the season for bikinis, flip flops, and vacation time! Some of us may already be making plans to travel, but this doesn’t mean all our efforts in the gym have to be put on hold. As a sponsored athlete, I often travel to different venues to work the booths at competitions. I go through the process of packing my meals, supplies, and am ready to roll!

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What Makes “A Good Personal Trainer”?

  Six Criteria to Find Out Whether He / She is Right for You

The fitness industry has been booming for the last few years. Consumers have been bombarded with the latest and greatest diets, exercise videos, gadgets, supplements, and more “fitness gurus” than the world will ever need. One thing, however, has not really changed over all these years: For most of the people, joining a gym is still the first step to a healthier better looking self.