Chances are that you have heard of the health benefits of eggs, but did you know that they can be particularly beneficial for any type of endurance activity? Let’s look at all the features of this incredible protein source.

First of all, eggs are considered a high quality protein source which is easily assimilated by the body when ingested. The absorption rate of egg protein is extremely high, with a Biological Value (BV) of 100 for whole eggs, and 88 for egg whites. BV measures the absorption efficiency of a protein, with higher values equating with higher efficiency. The only popular protein source with a higher BV is whey protein.

Endurance is defined as “the ability or strength to continue or last, especially despite fatigue, stress, or other adverse conditions.” Most people associate endurance with powerlifting, running, or crossfit. I associate it with surviving.

I want to direct your attention to a different area of endurance training: Military endurance training.

Strings of streetlights…Even stop lights…Blink a bright red and green...

With the holiday season upon us, we are surrounded by thematic decorations of red and green. Instead of Santa hats and evergreens, we are going to redefine red and green as they relate to the world of supplements.

You've decided to get into shape. You've made the decision to walk into your local gym. Sometimes it can be very intimidating and scary looking at all the equipment that you may not know how to use. So this is my guide to get you going and on your way to a better you.

During pregnancy, women gain anywhere from 25 to 40lbs. It took 9 months to put that weight on, so don’t expect to lose all the weight right after the baby is born.

First thing you should do is consult with your doctor to see if your body is ready. Ligaments and joints will still be loose due to the hormone relaxin. Diastasis recti, which is the separation of your core muscles, is also common after birth.

With all the workout trends and nutrition fads, it’s easy to overlook and forget the most fundamental basics. Sometimes we can get too caught up in the macronutrient levels and the caloric values of the foods that we are eating that the most simple, and yet critical, steps are missed. Life is busy enough, so if all else fails, remember these basic rules.

We all deal with bumps in the road and sometimes those bumps tend to put a stop to certain things in our lives, and for most of us it’s FITNESS!! To most, working out may not be the most important thing when it comes to prioritizing that to-do list. Sometimes it can be an injury that allows us to stop working out. Regardless the reason, I wanted to share with you a few pointers on how to return to fitness from a hiatus. Let’s check them out!!!

Perhaps the ebb and flow of life has thrown you off your fitness routine, and you are ready to return to the gym. It might be that you are post-partum, or had to nurse an injury or illness. Or it could be that you have been moving at such a frenetic pace in your life that you got sidetracked from your “every damned day” gym schedule, and need to get back into the groove. Whatever the reason is for putting consistent gym visits on the back burner, the good news is that you can re-establish a consistent fitness regimen. In order to ensure the greatest success with your efforts, here are some suggestions which will motivate you and keep you on track.

When it comes to making continual progress with your physique you must first focus on creating an effective workout program that is geared specifically towards your personal needs and goals. Next in line is turning your attention toward fueling your body with the proper nutrients every single day so that your intense training sessions are supported by top quality proteins, carbs and fats for recovery and growth. Once these two elements are firmly in place it is time to set up a meticulous supplement protocol that will round out your program and provide for you that final edge that takes you from adequate to extraordinary.

Is your fitness journey stuck in a rut? Have your results plateaued? Then now is the time to Unleash the Beast.

All of us have been endowed with a sense of fight or flight. It is a part of our being that is designed to keep us safe and prevents our race from extinction. Our inner core waits for a signal from us to activate that beast that lurks inside… just itching to be unleashed. This natural fighting instinct can propel us to be in the best shape of our lives…and these supplements can support you in your quest.