Since we don’t plow the fields and milk the cows each day anymore, we have become a modern, industrialized society of sitting. Most of the population spends 10+ hours in the day just sitting, whether we are working in front of a computer, checking messages on our phone, eating meals with friends, or lounging in front of the TV. Of course in an ideal world, all of us would have the time to go to the gym for an hour each day, but if you get too busy and have to skip a day, here’s a few suggestions to get just a little more movement out of each day.

Any serious lifter can tell you that in order to continue making progress in size, strength and/or fat loss over the long term, just about every workout needs to be “balls to the wall.” In the beginning, almost any new stimulus will bring about gains. However, after several years of pushing and pulling the iron you must continually push yourself to new heights, and this takes an extraordinary amount of dedication, discipline, passion and MOTIVATION! Here are 7 great ways to get mentally ready to tear things up before even getting on the gym floor!

 For most "Pre Workout" means a supplement, but for some it's a whole agenda. I am going to take you through my preparation for a workout. Keep in mind that there isn't really a right and wrong in a the pre workout phase. You know you should be properly warmed up, and you should be taking some type of supplement, whether that be SRX brand or not, taking a pre workout supplement will certainly help you on your fitness journey. My personal preferences are SRX Thermo Ignite, and Pre-Jym. Just please don't take C4! If you want to know why, email me and ill be happy to fill you in.

Have you ever needed instant energy?  Whether you needed a boost before a workout, competition, or wanted help enhancing your mental alertness, a caffeine product might have been used.  Though these caffeine sources worked, the instant boost didn’t seem apparent. 

When preparing for a workout, your nutrition has been refined over the years but the basic facts remain. You should eat:

•5-6 small meals per day spaced every few hours.

•Lean protein sources to build and repair muscle.

•Complex carbohydrates to fuel energy needs.

•Limited amounts of dietary fats, which also provide energy and are important for hormone production.

As an athlete or everyday fitness guru, maintaining quality energy is of utmost importance.  You may have tried countless of high-energy supplements, but haven’t found the right product. What if there was a product that could enhance both your mind as well as your energy?  Packed with Bioenergy Ribose, Sodium Ascorbate, Magtein, Alpha Size, and Nubetiane TMG, Hydrate the Body-Enhance the Mind is able to boost brain power while improving quality energy levels.  

Nothing kills the “psyched-up to workout” mentality than getting derailed before you’ve even begun. Here are five tips to make sure you get the    most out of your workout!


Generally, there are two basic “sticking points” on the deadlift, be it conventional or sumo.  You can get stuck just after the bar leaves the floor, or you can get stuck on the lockout portion of the lift.  While this article is not an end-all to solve-all, I will tell you about the two most common problems with the deadlift and how to correct them.  Most people will fall into these one of these two categories.  If you require additional assistance, please, consider hiring a coach.

Vanilla Protein hides amidst chicken breast, cranberries, red apples, bell peppers and celery for a crunchy, protein-packed dish perfect on a bed of lettuce or between two slices of bread!

Here are 8 tips to help you build muscle and maintain powerful energy throughout your day!