Did you know that some foods are considered “fat-burning”? These foods are packed with key nutrients, like healthy fats which are key to breakdown and metabolism of bad fats. Some contain lean protein which keeps us feeling full and provide nourishment to our muscles.

The more muscle we can maintain or build…the more calories we can burn! Other foods on this list contain special nutrients like antioxidants, vitamins and minerals which all have a supportive role in fat burning. Our bodies are truly amazing and complex machines! Feed them right. Here’s our list of the best “fat-burning” foods to consume:

Wichita-based Genesis Health Clubs vaulted to the top spot of fitness providers in the Midwest today, announcing the purchase of an additional nineteen clubs throughout the region for a new total of 44 clubs in operation.

Shawnee Harkins created and designed FITLIGHT TRAINER programs that focused on sports performance and cognitive training, while helping to maximize metabolism and muscle.

On their website Mayo Clinic defines metabolism as “the process by which your body converts what you eat and drink into energy.” The body is always burning calories but different factors determine how quickly they are being burned off. Some of the most relevant factors include: age, sex, activity level, nutrition, and body size. If you’re trying to boost your metabolism it is important that you develop a consistent and balanced approach.

Metabolism is the way your body uses food for energy. If you have a slow metabolism, you know how it can make weight loss frustrating. Fortunately, there are supplements that may help speed up your metabolism so you can lose weight.

It’s not unusual to hear people on a diet complain about a “slow” metabolism or wonder how to get a faster metabolism to speed weight loss, but for all the talk about it, you may be surprised to learn that metabolism is not actually a medical term.

For those of us who love to lift weights, cardio training is often an excruciatingly boring endeavor. Whether it be HIIT, steady state, or anything in between, when it is time to jump on the treadmill, stationary bike or elliptical the majority of us iron warriors cringe in disgust. But isn’t it this very type of mundane cardio that allows us to most efficiently burn off body fat and reveal the details of our hard earned muscles underneath? Not necessarily!

Throughout your lifetime you may have been searching for quality solutions for a healthier lifestyle. Whether you’ve struggled with health issues, or just enjoy improving your quality of life, a valuable product always seems to be in the forefront of healthy living. What if you could find that one supplement to change your entire outlook on life? Now you can make the change with Citrus Bergamot, the powerful fruit offered by HP Life Science. With the ability to support healthy cholesterol, blood glucose, Triglycerides and blood pressure, Citrus Bergamot could be the long- anticipated answer. Originated in the tiny region on the southern coast of Italy, Citrus Bergamot is a powerful citrus fruit that brings extraordinary results.

New Research shows clean labels are now more important than ever!

Chula Vista, CA March 29th, 2016 Nutritional Supplement Manufacturers (NSM), a formulator of dietary supplements continues to set the standard for nutritional manufacturing by producing quality supplements without flow agents.

In today’s health-conscious world, consumers are now more aware than ever before of the negative effects of preservatives and chemicals.

If you do not experience a weight loss plateau as you approach your ideal body weight, consider yourself extremely lucky. They are very common. Weight loss plateaus are to be expected as you are losing weight. Our bodies are resistant to change. A large chunk of people who reach their ideal weight have experienced as many as 2, maybe 3 plateaus lasting up to several weeks.