Lifestyle - Regardless of when we decide to eat better, exercise more, or be less stressed, it can be hard to make a lifestyle change, and even harder to make it stick. Your lifestyle consists of small habits that make up your daily activities, and in this section you can learn how to increase your chances of health and fitness success by making lifestyle changes that are SMART — that is, specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-based.

Physical fitness is more important than ever with over 66% of American adults considered overweight or obese, and nearly 30% of children and adolescents categorized as overweight or obese. These statistics make me even more thankful for my parents and their investments in health and tenacity in keeping me and my siblings active growing up. Despite how active my parents are, my dad would have fallen in the majority of Americans as overweight a few years ago until he made changes recently.

Spring is a time of renewal and growth. Flowers begin to bloom, coming out from dormancy, and we start to come out from under our layers of clothing (and likely a couple extra pounds). To prepare for spring, I have put together my five favorite natural detox tips for cleansing yourself inside and out. This spring, focus on incorporating these five things in your lifestyle and reap the benefits.

What is attrition and how is it linked to our definitions of beauty?

Is it April already? As we spring into a new season, we’ll need to check in with the progress and changes of each respective client. When was the last time you sat them down to reassess their individual paths and goals? Chances are, you’ll come across a few obstacles, but don’t fret. Remember that encountering obstacles are part of the process! Chances are also you’ve witnessed in your gym setting, exercisers coming and going since the New Year’s resolutions. People start again in the New Year with good intentions, but good intentions didn’t get them very far. Why is this so common this time of the year?

Who owes you? Nobody owes you anything. It’s a cold hard fact that once understood saves you years of disappointment. 

If you’re here to make a difference, (aren’t we all) then you own the world and yourself a reason to notice your contributions, like standing up for your beliefs, sharing your wisdom and changing your opinions based on new insight.

Whether you’re aware of them or not, we all have automatic thoughts that we think in response to an EVENT (any occurrence, interaction, etc… that requires interpretation by our brains). These are aptly labelled automatic thoughts (AT). They can be both positive and negative, but it’s often the negative ones (NAT) that we are unaware of that cause us the biggest trouble in our lives! Most of the time these concepts from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) are used in psychology and refer most often to those with a mood disorder (depression/anxiety). However, these negative automatic thoughts (NAT) happen every day and to almost everyone without exception.

Whenever you read about living a healthier life, about improving your physique and performance, the word "lifestyle" is invoked.

Yet despite the fact that everybody is constantly talking, writing and, as of late, "blogging" about it, nobody ever addresses what lifestyle actually means nor has compiled a list of lifestyle tips, such as the one I am have for you, today.

According to the venerable Oxford English Dictionary the word "lifestyle" refers to: A style or way of living (associated with an individual person, a society, etc.); esp. the characteristic manner in which a person lives (or chooses to live) his or her life.

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