5 Myths of Fitness For Women

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Working in the fitness industry, there are so many questions about what exercises work or what food to eat to help reach fitness goals and those are mostly asked by women. The internet is loaded with so many articles or stories about fitness and can be very confusing. I understand!!! Well ladies, lets dive right in and rid the top 5 myth busters I often hear once and for all! Let the countdown begin……


#5 “I just want to lose my belly fat and that’s it”

Hmmmm……sorry to tell you but that’s totally impossible. Once you start a good workout regimen, everything body part tend to make some type of changes. Killing abs everyday will help strengthen the muscles around the midsection but you will only begin to see the abdominal muscles once you drop your body fat percentage. Unfortunately, you cant pick and choose the areas you would like to burn the most fat….its a package deal!!!

#4 Cardio! Cardio! Cardio!

I hear quite often that cardio is the best way to burn fat and muscles begin to peak. There’s this method called “fat burning zone,” which occurs during low-intensity physical activity. While reading this article, you’re in the zone!! I’m not saying there’s no truth to this but let’s opt out for a better, more effective option being that cardio isn’t the only way to burn calories. HIIT Interval Training consist of short high intensity workouts with very little rest. This type of training can result in a greater amount of calories burned as well as using more energy from fat and increasing lean muscle mass which leads to more calories burned while at rest.

#3 Fat turns to Muscle

FALSE!!! Muscle cannot turn into fat and vice versa. These are 2 totally different substances. Muscle can be lost and gain….thanks to muscle memory. And the same goes for fat. However, you can lose fat and replace it with muscle, it’s that simple. We will all need a miracle to create the illusion that fat can be turned in to muscle!!


We’ve all seen this meme a time or two on social media but is this really true or better yet, is it safe? No. Schedule your rest days weekly. More gym time doesn’t mean better results. Your body need to recover, so if you’re working out every single day, there’s a chance you can injure yourself or overtrain. Meaning it keeps your muscles from replenishing, rebounding or repairing. Give your body time to catch up and make those changes that you’re working so hard for. If you casually workout, very little to moderate weight training, then NO DAYS OFF could very well work for you. The last thing you need is for your body to shut down or hit a plateau. Mix it up so there will be no injuries. Always listen to your body!

#1 Lifting weights will make me look manly or bulky

OMG!!!!!! I hear this just about every day. Its seriously time to put this myth to rest! It’s extremely simple, women lack the testosterone and growth hormone to put on muscle the same way men do who have 40% more muscle mass making it easier to put on muscle. Lifting weights can slim you down. I also hear concerns about their arms getting big but if you don’t want bigger arms, lose the fat. There’s absolutely nothing to worry about when it comes to get bulky from weight lifting. Our body composition just will not allow us to build the same amount of muscle as men. Go lift ladies!!

I hope these myth busters cleared a few worries you may have when it comes to fitness. Don’t overthink working out, its suppose to clear your mind of worry and stress. Go to the gym and do the work and embrace the lifestyle. Work hard but have a little fun too!!!