Mind & Motivation

When it comes to nutrition, sports, health and fitness, we’re all starting fresh at one point in our lives. We don’t all start at the same place, yet every high achieving nutrition, sports and fitness enthusiast can trace their success back to people and events that gave them the inspiration and motivation to begin, and continue their pursuit. Making real and lasting changes to your health and fitness isn’t easy, which can cause many to think about quitting and stopping short of their goals. Don’t give up, don’t give in, and don’t quit! Challenges and setbacks are part of success. In this section, you’ll find the information on the psychology of food and training as well as inspiration and motivation to overcome these challenges with real life stories from others whom have beaten the odds. They can not only give you first hand knowledge on how to focus your mindset and change your beliefs, but do so in a way that empowers your confidence and improves your results.