Freedom of the TBI Survivor

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In honor of each and every traumatic brain injury survivor, as a fellow TBI Survivor, I praise you with my utmost respect.

Given the adversity and obstacles in my life, I have also experienced the bright side. I am so fortunate to have been blessed with opportunities in my career that have enabled me to pursue my dreams. However, it’s by the result of multiple traumatic brain injuries, that I’ve pursued a purpose driven life and career. Having a positive mindset, your-eye-on-the-prize momentum and winning attitude ensures you focus!


A blow to the head is a hidden injury. When you sustain a traumatic brain injury, you need to make yourself priority number one. Don’t think you’re invincible! Seek medical attention right away. If you’re not living a healthy lifestyle or could use a boost, keep reading for great tips for traumatic brain injury survivors.

Tips to Improve TBI’s Quality of Life:

Morning mantras, meditation and prayer clear our mind of negative thoughts, stress and allow us to embrace powerful and positive energy.

Morning Mantras to Start Your Day:

1. I am STRONG.

2. I will RISE.


When a person suffers a head injury, they lose their independence and this is when family and friends are needed the most. As a community, we should be supportive in the stages of the healing and recovery process.

Community support:

1) Family and friends are vital to healing and recovery.

2) Uplifting, compassionate and encouraging messages.

3) Phone calls and cards by mail (easy on the eyes and ears).

4) Emails and text messages are great, too!

A TBI Survivor is striving for balance physiologically. We become well acquainted with our mind, heart and body in a peaceful environment. Shall we love ourselves enough to find our peaceful pod and check-in with ourselves from time to time?

Examples of a Peaceful Environment:

1) Be with YOU.

2) Surround yourself in serene beauty weekly.

3) Seek the outdoors.

4) Remove oneself from chaos and chill with loved ones and friends that will motivate you to the highest of places.

Nutrition to Help Fight Your Brain Fog:

1) Consult with your Doctor’s and Nutritionist

2) Eat small meals every 2-4 hours. Invest in a travel cooler, so you do not skip meals.

3) Pack healthy snacks on-the-go that promote energy.

4) Have a protein shake pre-workout and pack a snack or shake post-workout.

5) Ask your family, friends or caregivers for help with meal prep if you do not have the energy. Don’t skip eating!

6) You may not have an appetite or forget to eat, so set a timer. Eat by the clock.

7) Eat moderately and do not overeat. Push that plate away when you’re satisfied.

8) Weight gain is common after a brain injury. You’re literally eating to live, so learn about healthy and nutritious programs. Stick to it and ask for support!

9) Try to eat Brain Foods to boost your Brainpower such as: Protein, healthy fats, oils and carbohydrates.

10) Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Make routine Doctor Appointments to check sodium levels.

11) To avoid meal prepping, grocery shopping, a bad diet, and help ensure you eat for your brain cells and body, Visit Pick a plan that’s right for you! FlexPro’s culinary team jumps in the kitchen with your customized nutrition meal plan. They deliver your superior meals to your front door. No hassle. Pre-prepped, portioned out great tasting meals for your weekly goals! Proud to be their Official FlexPro Athlete! Visit them at

Move Your Body for Your Brain:

After a mild concussion or a severe traumatic brain injury, any sign of improvement is progress. Though, it may be frustrating as athletes or anyone else for that matter, we must be compassionate with ourselves, gentle and learn the process of self-pacing. Consult with your Dr. and Neurological rehabilitation program for healthy fitness routines.

Here are examples of Fitness for Your Brain and Body in Recovery:

1) Meditation

2) Morning Stretch Sessions

3) Yoga

4) Walking

5) Tai-Chi

6) Aquatic walking

7) Strength Training/Cardio Endurance

Having a workout buddy is great support both in motivation and in transportation to the gym. A special note to the healthy family members or friends: please be mindful and keep a close eye on your loved one!Have water and snacks handy!

Food For Thought on Brain Health Supplements:

Any TBI patient or athlete, fitness enthusiasts, anyone seriously looking into improving their brain function and overall health should invest in their quality of life and wellness. Are you a family member, caregiver, friend, and colleague or simply know someone whom should have these products? Visit Brain Health to read about each supplement.

The following are my go-to vitamins, except for the Men’s Daily Essentials…HaHa!

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1) Glutamine

2) Daily Essentials (Men)

3) Daily Essentials (Women)

4) Rx Oils Fish

5) Rx Oils Flax


Once, we are able to accept our brain injury and our limitations, it is then we possess the power to bulldoze through our roadblocks, begin the healing and the road to recovery. We look through the lens of hope and that fighter deep within us comes out. A clear vision is set, from long ago and still standing strong. Like true to form, a plan is in place and from each milestone, we shall see it through. I remind myself that I don’t have to carry the weight of the world on my shoulders. I embrace support and have found freedom as a traumatic brain injury survivor.

This feature article is both personal and professional for me with National Traumatic Brain Awareness Month. I want to impart upon readers my experience in recovery and healing. I’m proud to be a TBI Survivor and a Spokeswoman for people suffering from Traumatic Brain Injuries.

Just like with any other fitness plan, take this information with a positive mindset and my personal words of wisdom for you to be number one in your universe. You’re priority in your health and wellness. Integrate each healthy category (community, environment, nutrition, fitness and supplementation) into your day. Begin exercising your mind and moving your butt. Start nourishing your brain and body with a healthy diet. Power-pack your body with brain health supplements and save $25 OFF this month!

A special thanks to the families and friends that are fighting the good fight, while loving like an angel to your strongest warriors! You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

I’d like to personally thank Frank Plasso and Tracie Leafty for your generosity in honoring TBI Survivors and their families everywhere by paying it forward with this special promotion of brain health vitamins this March. Thank you kindly!

Looking forward to the next issue!