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Bravery, strength and fear are words we hear daily. What is truly the meaning behind them? How can the 3 be paired together?

 I have recently been blessed with getting to know someone that is all these things wrapped up in a package, that most people would be quick to judge as just another person living without troubles, and without battles in life. The exterior or a man or woman should never be judged. Everyone has walked some kind of journey meant only for them. If you get the honor and privilege of getting to know someone like this it becomes a life changing event. Something that may just teach you one of the greatest lessons you will ever learn and get to take something away from knowing them.

My vision of life has changed because of this person. I may have yet to know everything about him and I have only seen a small piece of what lies beneath the surface but because of him I am a changed person. My outlook was always a good one, I never was a judgmental soul however I think I was critical in my way of thinking. I opened my mind up further to be open-hearted and that everyone has a story. He won my friendship over with a simple hug, but a hug nonetheless, that made me smile daily. Everyday now I look forward for those good morning hello's, just because I enjoy seeing his smiling face. Without getting to detailed about who he is, I still want to write about his journey but I want to write about it without being too intrusive on his personal life.

Looking at him he has a rough and tough exterior and I know that was something he had done as protection to allude to the world and say he is strong and and fearless and maybe tough to a point of unapproachable to the judgmental person, this is only my assumption I could be totally wrong. But I have seen within his eyes that the character of person should never be judged by what we see on the outside it is true that the eyes are the window to the soul. He was a military man a fighter for our country. He's seen a few to many things that only a soldier would have been witness to. I have yet to hear any soldier openly talk about all that they have seen or done. He served more than a few tours and he must have endured a few to many hardships and harder lessons. His career ended with a devastating injury, his road to recovery was far from easy and those struggles I can only imagine. When he had nothing but his sheer strength and indomitable will to survive he was abandoned by someone that said for better or worse and in sickness and in health. He had no one but himself, this is where his bravery needed to grow to face everyday alone, he needed to find the strength to not only heal a broken body but a broken heart all at the same time. I can't even imagine what that felt like. I've had my share of experiences that I thought I wouldn't be able to survive but nothing like this. He battled through his brokenness and rebuilt who he was into the man I know today. He has become an inspiration to many and for me to be a better version of myself. He has shown me to be more of a kind soul that never judges anyone. Even in a short time this man has impacted my life like no other before him except my father. I wish they could have met, my dad would have loved him. Now how does the fear come into play? We have seen this type of bravery and we have grown a strength that surpasses anything we ever thought we could do and lay claim to it and make it our very own.

Each one of us has battled something that could have brought us to our knees and give up all hope for a better tomorrow. But what happens when the person you care and admire most has once again hit a bump in the road? How do we as bystanders break the exterior shell of someone that has endured pain alone heartache alone? They are fearful of what is happening they may even say, "Oh man not now when I finally have my stuff together and I keep on trying to have my stuff together." Now this a blow you didn't want, a blow you hadn't expected, and you see the bravest man you know retreat into a shell, fearful of what the future holds trying to make sense of the next steps.

I don't want to push but I want to be pushy, I want my past to be finally used as a strength that he may need if it ever came down to that. I only want the best for him even if he's facing a difficult choice. I am at a l loss as what to do for him because I can't do much just be a smile and a hug when needed. I just want to be there and I think knowing I am there is enough, maybe and maybe it's not. I've gotten to know him a bit better over the last few months than I did when we first meet and I know he only wants to see me happy. He wants to see everyone happy. And that is true bravery: wanting others to be happy when you wear a mask yourself. If you know someone like this where their life that has been so brave and strong for so long alone, don't let them live in fear of letting you in, fear of accepting your friendship or your loyalty for fear of what the future holds. Hold onto them never let them go this type of person is so rare. We meet people for a reason, we meet people and in seconds you just know that is someone that will impact you forever. We have also meet people that have come and gone, we have met people that we thought would be our forever and then for whatever reason makes that forever person a part of our past.

We do not need to know someone for years to have someone we just met in our corner as a friend. Take care of the ones you love even if their fears are pushing you away, be their new version of strength so they can be brave. And above all tell them how much you care about them and you are always going to fight the fight with them. Hell we all need that kind of hug from someone in our lives, support them even if your friendship just fell out of the sky into your lap unexpectedly. True friendships are few and far between and when you care for someone that offers something you never had before it’s rare hang on to it that doesn't come along often enough in this lifetime. Don't back down be brave have strength and throw away fear. The best things happen when you let go of fear and take someone's hand.