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Do I get spiritual fulfillment from fitness? Absolutely! I'm a science-minded person, but I'm not too proud to acknowledge what I can't prove.  It is no secret that most gym professionals suffer with anxiety of some sort, so we work out for a purpose. There is a different way to work out for whatever you may suffer with. Anxiety, depression, mood disorders, hormonal imbalances, low testosterone levels, chemotherapy... Life throws curve balls. It all depends on how you handle it. 

Now I've found my peace with meditation, art and prayer. But for some people, they need more.  Let's say we have someone that is suffering with severe depression and low testosterone levels.  How would we chemically address that in the gym without medication?  We would change the way we move our bodies.  Compound movements (done correctly) have a significant effect on the way we produce mood changing hormones. One thing I tell my clients is to "Always move for a purpose." I hope that they take that in all aspects of their lives. Live for a purpose! Something as small as a day vacation, complimenting a stranger, accepting someone that is different... All of those can make us feel happiness, also known as Dopamine. Dopamine is produced at its highest during a proper EPOC workout, or when we feel those butterflies in our tummy's when we do something that we get a positive reward for.  Depression isn't a death sentence or something you learn to "live with". Yes, it will always be there; but learn how to make it your own. What makes you happy? Who makes you happy? Where is the one spot you would want to be? These are things we need to ask ourselves when we start a spiritual journey. It can only get better when we see what we couldn’t see in the beginning.