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As I sit on my tablet scrolling mindlessly through social media I became very aware just how easy we can find anything. From silly gym memes, to diagnosing an illness on WebMD. We can search for any type of workout video, cooking video, and DIY tutorial. Everything you need and some you just don't need to see! However, every once in a while, a motivational quote or story seems to catch your attention and it holds some type of meaning and makes you just stop and think. 

Being a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, I can agree that they both have their benefits, but they also have some pretty significant differences as well. Joining group training, it typically includes a training plan, scheduled group workouts at a specific location, and/or have coaches to guide and answer questions. Its also geared to rain a mass of people rather than one, and most cases you can get some personal coaching; best of both worlds!! In my opinion, the greatest benefit is being able to connect with like-minded individuals who will be there to help motivate you when you're in need of an extra push and also become each others accountability buddy. 

Let me ask you a question? When you head to the gym each day do you do so without a clue as to what body part and/or exercises you are going to do, or do you make sure you have a solid game plan in mind? If the former is true, then I suggest you quickly make a change! “Have a plan, or plan to fail.” In fact, I usually put together each workout in my head the night before I am to do it, which allows me to embed it deep into my subconscious while I sleep. In turn both my mind and body are quite prepared for the impending battle that will take place in the gym the following day.

1. Know Your Body

One of the best ways to avoid fitness injuries is to know your body’s limitations. This isn’t just about avoiding certain fitness activities until you’re in better shape, though that’s part of it. It’s also about knowing what your weak areas are and then avoiding certain types of activities that are going to push hard on that weakened area. Acknowledge the weakest areas of your body and if you can’t slowly build them up, then, to avoid injury, you have to avoid the activities that stress them.

Since we don’t plow the fields and milk the cows each day anymore, we have become a modern, industrialized society of sitting. Most of the population spends 10+ hours in the day just sitting, whether we are working in front of a computer, checking messages on our phone, eating meals with friends, or lounging in front of the TV. Of course in an ideal world, all of us would have the time to go to the gym for an hour each day, but if you get too busy and have to skip a day, here’s a few suggestions to get just a little more movement out of each day.

Any serious lifter can tell you that in order to continue making progress in size, strength and/or fat loss over the long term, just about every workout needs to be “balls to the wall.” In the beginning, almost any new stimulus will bring about gains. However, after several years of pushing and pulling the iron you must continually push yourself to new heights, and this takes an extraordinary amount of dedication, discipline, passion and MOTIVATION! Here are 7 great ways to get mentally ready to tear things up before even getting on the gym floor!

 For most "Pre Workout" means a supplement, but for some it's a whole agenda. I am going to take you through my preparation for a workout. Keep in mind that there isn't really a right and wrong in a the pre workout phase. You know you should be properly warmed up, and you should be taking some type of supplement, whether that be SRX brand or not, taking a pre workout supplement will certainly help you on your fitness journey. My personal preferences are SRX Thermo Ignite, and Pre-Jym. Just please don't take C4! If you want to know why, email me and ill be happy to fill you in.

Nothing kills the “psyched-up to workout” mentality than getting derailed before you’ve even begun. Here are five tips to make sure you get the    most out of your workout!

You may already be immersed in a fitness plan which enhances your physical strength and flexibility, improves performance, and keeps your physique in tip-top shape. But being physically fit confers a multitude of mental benefits which you might not be aware of. As a matter of fact, the link between physical health and mental health is so strong that people who brush off regular exercise as a time-consuming task are depriving themselves of optimal health and well-being.

If you're like me, than you go into each workout knowing that you're going to get a solid session according to your program and you're going to crush it, and you're going to be smart about it. So, with that said, the occasional "beast mode" throw down is not only a physical test, but a mental one as well.

Top most common mistakes people make when beginning a training program.

There are numerous mistakes made by a new gym goer or even someone who has recently made the decision to live a healthier life. Typically, the way someone eats is the most common area of mistakes. However, since that is very long complicated topic I will stick with the other top mistakes found in the gym clientele.

We all know that muscle endurance is the ability of a muscle or a group of muscles to perform and sustain repeated contractions under or against a resistance for an extended period of time. What does that mean. Usually the period of time is 60seconds, but can be anything. The go to example is the push-up, how many push-ups can you do in 60 seconds? How do I train myself to be able to keep pressing for the duration of those 60 seconds? 

We all deal with bumps in the road and sometimes those bumps tend to put a stop to certain things in our lives, and for most of us it’s FITNESS!! To most, working out may not be the most important thing when it comes to prioritizing that to-do list. Sometimes it can be an injury that allows us to stop working out. Regardless the reason, I wanted to share with you a few pointers on how to return to fitness from a hiatus. Let’s check them out!!!

Hello Fitness Professionals, are you ready to embrace change? The Autumn Equinox has come and gone, bringing with it many aspects of change. This includes changes in climate, as well as equal day and night hours, nearly twelve hours each. Because change is ever constant, and therefore inevitable, in this month’s issue, we encourage you to welcome change. This is important because when we allow ourselves to embrace change, rather than resist it, we encourage the process of flow. How do we achieve this phenomenon of flow? Flow can only be achieved when we are cultivating power from within.

Working in the fitness industry, there are so many questions about what exercises work or what food to eat to help reach fitness goals and those are mostly asked by women. The internet is loaded with so many articles or stories about fitness and can be very confusing. I understand!!! Well ladies, lets dive right in and rid the top 5 myth busters I often hear once and for all! Let the countdown begin……

You may already be a member of the weight-training-for-life club, but you probably have days here and there in which getting motivated to pull out all the stops in your lifting routine may be difficult. Perhaps you’ve been dealing with stress at work, a distressing family situation, illness, or an injury. In many cases, these things threaten to steal your thunder and have you training at a sub-optimal intensity.

So what do you do? Here are some suggestions which can help you re-engage that warrior spirit and get you training like a beast again.

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