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New Year: A New Healthier You

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Why not make one of your goals for this year a New Healthier you.

Start everything from scratch but do not forget what food makes you feel bad. If you have any food allergies or you are sensitive to any kind of food, always keep that in mind, and do not go for the temptation.

New Healthier You

Let us start by setting the big plan, which is your ultimate goal when comes to your body. It could be getting a washboard (6 packs), being stronger and more muscular, getting leaner and powerful, winning a competition, eating real good food all year round, and increasing your numbers of the weights you lift.

After acquiring your goal, the next thing is to set the nutrition plan for it. Nutrition is the major key for athletes and anyone who would really want to make a change in their performance or body composition. My advice is to plan the nutrition of your day before at least one night ahead of time.  If you are a very busy person and you do not have time to do your nutrition, your other choice is to hire a nutritionist.

If you are not knowledgeable enough about nutrition and your body needs, then you will need the help of a good nutritionist. This will make it easier for you to reach your goal and perform better throughout the whole process as you struggle to get to your ultimate goal.

The important thing you need to know is that reaching your ultimate goal as a NEW YOU, should also make you more knowledgeable about what’s going on with your body. So make sure you seek the help of the right person to help you with your Healthier you. My advice in general is, eat to fuel and according to your body needs, which can be a sport or it can be an office job.

You want to be leaner then you need, to hit the gym and do some cardio training, because remember, we always want to be real healthy in and out, our organs and look.

Having a 6 pack does not mean at all that this person is healthy, he might be eating food with the least bad calories, but we do not know anything about his organs. You can lose fat without doing your cardio vascular training, yet your heart, triglyceride; cholesterol might not be on the safe side.

Always stay away from fired food no matter what, our body needs sugar but there is a window for sugar during the day. Which is morning, have it from fruits and 2 hours before a workout (okay if you know you workout hard also depends on your sport), then after your workout immediately. Never have it other times of the day.

Eat more complex carbs,fibers, and veggies.  The later in the day and closer to your bed time that’s when you need to pick more fibers veggies and grilled food. Whenever you feel your performance is not on the right track toward your goal reach back to your nutritionist, and other educated people in the industry of health, that will keep you motivated and get your focus back.

I like the blood type diet along with some adjustments according to your needs. Do blood tests to monitor your body, and then adjust your nutrition accordingly.