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As I sit on my tablet scrolling mindlessly through social media I became very aware just how easy we can find anything. From silly gym memes, to diagnosing an illness on WebMD. We can search for any type of workout video, cooking video, and DIY tutorial. Everything you need and some you just don't need to see! However, every once in a while, a motivational quote or story seems to catch your attention and it holds some type of meaning and makes you just stop and think. 

For me that happened a little over a year ago. I was trying to find myself again. I was just coming out of a relationship that meant so much to me yet went so wrong. I was lost in unfamiliar territory and I was filled with pain and regret and just trying to make peace with myself. I became the cliché that I heard daily from my new potential clients; " I gained weight, because I got into a relationship, we went out all the time just like all new couples do; Now here I am trying to figure out how to fix it. Please help me.''

I am the sounding board for so many people with this story. All the while wearing my own rose-colored glasses, unable to see that very same cry for help. 

Then one day as I was mindlessly scrolling online, I ran across an article that showed “before and after” shots of people that gave up drinking and the nightlife for something better. These photos showed people with such dramatic changes they were almost unrecognizable. Under each photo there was a small segue into what they were doing now and how their lives changed. Some became more active with their families, some started training for their first marathon. Simple accomplishments that at one point looked like an impossible feat from where they stood. I truly believe that life drastically can change in a year and life can change for some in just a blink. However, life still changes and we need to set goals, and we need to ask ourselves the hard questions, “What do I want from my life and myself?” We also need to look in the mirror and be honest, set small goals that we can accomplish.  And in a year's time we will be amazed at how far we have come. 

I have a picture of me overweight and clinging desperately to save a failing relationship. I see the look in my eyes and I knew exactly what I was thinking that very moment.  I was lost within my depression, I had lost my confidence and my happiness. I was hiding and not happy in my own skin, trying to hide my weight gain. This was not me! At that moment, I decided to set my mind right and plan my attack back to the original version of myself. This was all a mindset now, and over that year I changed again and again into the current person that stands here today happy and confident. 

Remember life is always evolving, so evolve to be a greater version of yourself every day. Never settle for an average version of yourself and always strive for change.

Isn’t it funny how we always seem to put others first, because of some need we have to please everyone, and then when we finally do something for ourselves we are called out for being selfish? So be selfish! Do what's best for you. Challenge yourself to be greater than who you are now and above all, never get complacent with where you are currently. Strive for more...never settle.

What if I told you that if you started planning your comeback and I put a value in dollars on it, in 30 days I would give you your money back if you didn't like your results. Would you do it?  

All I ask for is just an hour of your time to set a goal, be selfish and go out and execute the plan. Would you do it? 

Now if you felt you didn't get what was promised from me, I would guarantee you a refund. 

Would you do it? I am sure you would say yes! What do you have to lose? Nothing Right? 

However here is the twist, now you have to look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that exact thing and put a dollar value on it. Then ask yourself for your money back if you fail. 

You will have to look in the mirror and be honest with yourself. And if you fail yourself and give up, be able to say, “I let myself down.”  

Are you brave enough to do that? Are you brave enough to stop blaming others and coming up with excuses for not going after what you want? 

You have to look into that mirror and say; The reason I am not successful at the goal I set is because I didn't go after it! I didn't give it 100% effort I only gave it a 50% effort at best. I let myself down! 

Will you now be able to find your motivation to get to the gym for that workout? Will you be able to admit that you have to put in some work first before you can see any results? Can you do that? 

Can you admit it to yourself when you didn't wake up in time, and made those excuses for why you can't do it?  Can you honestly say you let yourself down and you owe yourself an explanation for failing?  Can you punish yourself and say things like: No tv tonight, no ice cream, no snacks, no drinks...Can you tell yourself that you are good enough and never have to demand from yourself your own money back? Now go and put forth 100% effort and seek more. Stop making excuses so you will never have to ask for your own money back.

Looking at yourself honestly in the mirror is not easy to do, I put my before and after pictures together side by side and I was amazed what I did within a years’ time. I also knew that the girl in the before picture was not me and I couldn't settle for that average version of myself. I want to be someone's inspiration, to be better than I was yesterday. I want to set the example and pave the road for others. But most of all I want to see others succeed, just as badly as I want to be successful. That article was my inspiration now go find yours!  Then all you have to do is put in the work and made the necessary changes and do not ask for your own money back. I wouldn't allow that from myself; I refused average, I wanted my version of greatness. Now go out there in the world and find your version of greatness and never be average, but above all, never ask yourself for your own money back.