Equinox Health Clubs Get Personal with Members Via New App

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Equinox, the high-end international health club chain that includes five clubs in the Chicago area, is pushing to offer members a more personalized experience.

Equinox has just introduce a new iOS mobile app and redesigned website that allow club members to keep track of their fitness activities and connect through various social platforms with other Equinox members and friends.

Noted Carlos Becil, chief marketing officer at Equinox: "With our redesigned app and website, we're looking at members' behavior, in addition to their quantified self data, to provide them with recommendations, tips and content to inform and improve their fitness routines."

A new feature of the Equinox app called "Acitivity" aggregates data from members' devices into three areas — calories, distance and sessions — to track fitness progression. Members also have the option to track fitness progression via third party apps such as MapMyFitness and MyFitnessPal.

Based on member activity recorded on the app and member preferences, the new app generates curated content such as recommended workouts to switch up routines and suggested articles from Equinox's online magazine called "Q."

Feeling in a mood?

The new Equinox app allows users to engage in so-called "emotional browsing" that offers immediate workout class recommendations based on a user's particular mood. The suggestions are aimed at keeping members engaged in their workout routines, while challenging them to try something new.

Finally the app offers members the chance to share information about their Equinox activity with friends and followers on various social media platforms. Matt Burton, Equinox's director of digital marketing, said the new app will allow each club member to get a "holistic view of their health in one place."

Beyond Chicago, Equinox operates 64 other full-service health clubs in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Dallas, Washington, D.C. and Miami, as well as London and Toronto. The chain was founded in New York City in 1991, and now touts itself as a lifestyle brand.