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Building Blocks Protein, a top selling product, in large part because active people know they need protein. Protein is vital in the repair, recovery, maintenance, and building of serious lean muscle. With Building Blocks Protein customers trust they are getting a high quality product.

It is available in two award winning flavors, creamy vanilla and rich chocolate, also with the option of a 4lb or 2lb container. There’s defiantly no shortage of different kinds of protein and brands out there so we have to start looking at Building Blocks Protein first for what it is and next for how it’s different. It’s pretty straight forward, its protein, it will provide you 25 grams per scoop.

Now most woman are going to have a scoop to a scoop and a half, and men usually two scoops. Building Blocks Protein is a lean protein mix, but what’s unique is it is a protein blend, which means it is a matrix of three different proteins: whey isolate, protein concentrate, and egg white protein. Now the benefit of this is that the protein is released periodically, so you’re maximizing optimal protein absorption over time, which means you’re really getting a protein that maximizes building muscle, but also recovering and repairing muscle tissue.

Now you might be thinking this, or the customer may be thinking this, because it’s been engraved in your mind "protein concentrate is low grade or an inferior protein," but, if you know protein, you know that’s just not true!

When whey protein first came out on the market it came out as a 34 so 34% was actually protein, which was put in a lot of food and protein mixes. Now you can see that that is a pretty low grade and cost effective protein source but, if you fast forward, you will see whey protein concentrates in the 85% which is a very high quality, almost as high as you can go. You also get all the benefits that are in the whey protein concentrate that could cause an antioxidant boost and immune system enhancement. So, rest assured, all three proteins in the blend are superior quality. You can just take our word for it or dig into it a little more and see for yourself. We at Supplement Rx, do the best practice of actually showing the typical amino acid per serving in the Building Blocks Protein, which is a great way to show the type of quality of the protein in this product. Customers will find it hard to come across another brand that will list it out on the container and even have to dig a little deeper to really see what the protein is made of, but we make it easy we want you to see what this protein is made of, we want you to see the quality.

If we look at just the all-important Branch Chain Amino Acid profile in 2 scoops of Building Blocks Protein you can see just how great this protein is. It contains a little over 7.3 grams of Leucine, a little over 4 on the isoleucine, and lastly a little over 4 on the valine. Now I could tell you that’s a great amount of Branch Chain Amino Acids but, sometimes a customer doesn’t know what that means so we encourage them to compare with other brands.

Let’s do a quick example, if you look at one of the leading proteins out there a brand which truly is a great quality protein Building Blocks Protein is higher in all three of the Branch Chain Amino Acids and not to beat up that protein, because it is popular and it is a good protein, but it’s to showcase our blends and our type of protein really make up a superior product. Another thing to consider is our price point is very competitive. If you really compare apples to apples of a high quality protein Building Blocks Protein usually comes out less expensive but, you are still getting a high quality protein.

Okay so, we get Building Blocks Protein is a great protein solution so let’s discuss recommendations for protein. This is what’s out there, protein should be 10-35% of your daily calories. That is based on general guidelines which for woman is about 46 grams and 56 for men. But, I’m telling you if you’re doing jack squat that might be enough but we are dealing with active people and, if we look at what people are eating for protein woman are eating about 70 grams a day and men 100 grams a day. That’s just not enough for people who are working out. Most people aren’t eating enough protein and we know how important protein is so as professionals in the fitness industry it gives us the opportunity to talk about that magic number. What I mean by that is how many protein grams per day people should consume.  We can show them how much protein they need per day based on their body weight and how active they are. That is based on what nutrition experts and sports nutrition specialists use to determine your protein number. The next part is extremely important because we want to discuss with them how they are going to get this much protein in over the course of 5 to 6 meals.

So let’s look at a quick case study. Male 220 pounds wants to lose weight. Once we take him through that calculation we will see they need about 150 grams per day, then divide that by 5 so 30 grams per meal. And for the female that wants to lose weight we are going to get it down to 110 grams of protein which is about 22 grams per meal. What I would have them do is get a visual. You look at your hand and that’s about the size of chicken breast you need to eat 5 times a day. Most people are going to struggle getting that much protein in a day. Enter the great solution of Building Blocks Protein making it more manageable by getting one or two scoops a day, plus throw in the fact it’s a superior protein and it's a win-win! On top of that, its very cost effective at $1.33 per serving with the 2 lb container and $1.27 in the 4lb container.

Supplement Rx has the protein solution for you. We hope you are confident in the quality of Building Blocks Protein and it is a great solution for people if you are trying to lose weight, tone, or build serious lean muscle mass!