Discover the New Sports Drink to Overpower the Competition

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As an athlete or everyday fitness guru, maintaining quality energy is of utmost importance.  You may have tried countless of high-energy supplements, but haven’t found the right product. What if there was a product that could enhance both your mind as well as your energy?  Packed with Bioenergy Ribose, Sodium Ascorbate, Magtein, Alpha Size, and Nubetiane TMG, Hydrate the Body-Enhance the Mind is able to boost brain power while improving quality energy levels.  


Hydrate the Body-Enhance the Mind contains Bioenergy Ribose, and is responsible for enhancing cellular energy within the body, and helping to produce adenosine triphosphate for increased vitality. Ribose also improves the blood flow to the brain, and has a significant effect on brain tissue, as is it helps to lessen the protein that prompts brain cell death.  This will lead to improved brain efficiency, and allow for increased athletic performance. Bioenergy Ribose enhances the amount of ATP in the brain tissue, which is a vital catalyst for high-powered energy, as a huge portion of energy resources comes from the brain. 


Sodium Ascorbate is a non-acidic form of Vitamin C that is found in Hydrate the Body-Enhance the Mind, and is a powerful electrolyte used to help hydration.    An important part of energy production, Sodium Ascorbate helps to transport fatty acids, and convert them into energy---and help you perform at a high level during competition.  


A key factor for brain health, Hydrate the Body-Enhance the Mind is packed with Magtein---the only magnesium compound that helps enhance magnesium levels to boost working memory, which helps with high-speed decision making—and helps give you an edge over the competition.  In addition, Magtein will improve overall memory, making it easier for you to remember pertinent information—and allow for a fruitful day at work, in the gym, or at the workplace.


Hydrate the Body-Enhance the Mind also contains Alpha Size which promotes the activation of protein kinase, and is able to improve attention spans, so you can be focused throughout your workouts and performances—and helping you enhance your physical appearance for the long haul.  In addition, Alpha Size will formulate new growth hormone, and boost your work output levels for greater muscle gains.  With its ability to oxidate the fat, Alpha Size can promote healthy weight management, so you can live a long and happier life.


Derived from sugar beets, and the amino acid, Gylcine, Nubetaine TMG is a powerful ingredient found in Hydrate the Body-Enhance the Mind.  Its ability to increase water retention of cells helps to maintain cell structure, and make the cell withstand stress, giving you the ability to consistently enhance muscle growth. Nubetaine TMG contains a high cellular trimethylglycine concentration, which helps to increase your endurance, and your strength to maximize your power output for optimal performances.  TMG is also a methyl group donor in creatine synthesis, and is able to lower plasma homocysteine levels, which plays an important part in promoting long-term wellness.


Indeed, Kiojo’s Hydrate the Body-Enhance the Mind is an innovative supplement that combines powerful energy with significant brain health.  In order to outperform your competition, changes are needed.  


You may have tried a number of sports performance drinks throughout your lifetime.  Though these supplements may have sparked a little energy, they couldn’t enhance brain function.  Kiojo’s Hydrate the Body-Enhance the Mind delivers this one-two punch, and it could be your ticket to improved competitive spirit, greater performances, and better health.