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With New Year’s resolutions in full swing and most of them centered on getting fit, we present to you some of the keys to success.

First, it’s important to set goals, but set that goal in a S.M.A.R.T. manner.

Strings of streetlights…Even stop lights…Blink a bright red and green...

With the holiday season upon us, we are surrounded by thematic decorations of red and green. Instead of Santa hats and evergreens, we are going to redefine red and green as they relate to the world of supplements.

With all the workout trends and nutrition fads, it’s easy to overlook and forget the most fundamental basics. Sometimes we can get too caught up in the macronutrient levels and the caloric values of the foods that we are eating that the most simple, and yet critical, steps are missed. Life is busy enough, so if all else fails, remember these basic rules.

When it comes to making continual progress with your physique you must first focus on creating an effective workout program that is geared specifically towards your personal needs and goals. Next in line is turning your attention toward fueling your body with the proper nutrients every single day so that your intense training sessions are supported by top quality proteins, carbs and fats for recovery and growth. Once these two elements are firmly in place it is time to set up a meticulous supplement protocol that will round out your program and provide for you that final edge that takes you from adequate to extraordinary.

Is your fitness journey stuck in a rut? Have your results plateaued? Then now is the time to Unleash the Beast.

All of us have been endowed with a sense of fight or flight. It is a part of our being that is designed to keep us safe and prevents our race from extinction. Our inner core waits for a signal from us to activate that beast that lurks inside… just itching to be unleashed. This natural fighting instinct can propel us to be in the best shape of our lives…and these supplements can support you in your quest. 

During intense workouts, tissue can be damaged at the microlevel and the usage of fuel stores goes up dramatically. Ultimately, these strong performances can push us to higher levels of leaner, meaner muscle, but in the short-term, some repair is necessary.

In addition, the body has been tasked to use its sources of essential nutrients faster than usual due to the stress taken place during the workout phase. Most often, carbohydrates are used as the primary source of energy during a workout. After being converted to glycogen stores, carbohydrates are stored by the body to be used as energy. Following a workout, these glycogen stores have been depleted and require restoration. R5 Reload was designed to replenish your body during the most important part of your training program, the post-workout phase.

Intra Edg3 is an intra-workout catalyst for maximizing training, performance and recovery. The SRX BCAA matrix found in Intra Edg3 contains more than 7 grams of essential branched chain amino acids (L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, and L-Valine) per serving to stimulate muscle protein synthesis, plus more than 2 grams of L-Glutamine to promote recovery, as well as more than 1 gram of Citrulline to boost nitric oxide production in the body.

 In previous articles I have discussed some things you should not do right before heading to the gym and while performing your actual workout. Now its time to complete the “tale” by delving into some post-workout-pitfalls that you should avoid at all costs!

Pitfall #1: Not Stretching Targeted Muscles – Once the workout is done you should stretch the muscles that were just targeted. This will not only help them recover more quickly and keep you more limber, but may also enhance the growth process!

Pitfall #2: Performing Excessive Cardio – There is nothing wrong with doing some cardio (20-30 minutes maximum) after your weight training, but it should not be excessive or you will severely hamper the physiological/hormonal mechanisms that lead to muscular hypertrophy. Your best bet is to separate cardio and weight training by about 5 hours for optimal progress.

Competition season is here! Around this time the gym is filled with competitors, carrying their gallon of water, sweating through their long sleeves. The men are found usually in the area with the best lighting, practicing their side pose, while the women practice in their clear heels. It is my favorite season. These individuals put months of work in for only a few minutes on stage.

I watch my bikini team bust butt in the gym and always help them stretch after their workout, but after the cool down I make sure they continue to work on the post recovery. I explain the importance of nutrition and recommend the following supplements to help them maximize their growth.

What is the Post Workout Phase? What does it mean? What are you supposed to do? Most people consume something after a workout, but there are those out there that do not. Are you one of those people? Why?!

I have broken this into three parts: 1) carbohydrates, 2) insulin debacle, and 3) muscle glycogen. Apart from these three things, it goes without question that you should be consuming PROTEIN post workout! I personally take in 50g after each training session.

Often times we see that word, either when reading about nutrition or on a sport supplement. What is recovery and how important is the post workout phase?

For any athlete or a person who is seeking results recovery is crucial. If you fail to be fully recovered, for the next physical attempt, which can be the next day or in few hours for some athletes. That can result in bad performance, quick fatigue, weak ability to finish a certain exercise, and if you are in a game then most probably you will lose.

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. Since a large proportion of our muscles and tissue is made up of protein, amino acids play a huge role in our body. There are many reasons someone might benefit from taking an amino acid supplement.

Leucine could be considered the most important supplement you should add to your regimen as you age, especially if you are a competitor. Leucine breaks down much faster during exercise than the other two branched-chain amino acids (isoleucine and valine), and is also unique in that it plays a critical role in intramuscular protein production through anabolic signaling and mediation of insulin secretion, so it certainly makes sense to ensure that you are getting sufficient amounts of leucine in your diet.

Most health specialists will tell you the more greens you eat; the less likely you will be to develop any type of chronic disease. The issue is most of us consume far less nutrient-rich greens than we should. With that in mind, we can’t take advantage of the health benefits, which can include reducing inflammation, enhancing detoxification and helping maintain a proper pH balance in the body.

Whey protein can help with muscle building, toning, weight loss, osteoporosis, bone density, lowering blood sugar and boosting metabolism. Many studies have shown that whey protein can possibly help increase strength, gain muscle, and lose significant amounts of body fat. Proteins are the building blocks of the fibers in the muscles.

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. The best three branched chain amino acids (also known as BCAAs) are Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine. When we talk about a nutrition supplement, BCAAs are the most valuable of the whole bunch. They help our bodies recover from workouts by reducing protein breakdown within the muscles; and they naturally increase testosterone and growth hormone, the body’s most important fat-fighting and muscle-building hormones. They work very efficiently when you are dieting in order to lose weight.

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