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Generally, there are two basic “sticking points” on the deadlift, be it conventional or sumo.  You can get stuck just after the bar leaves the floor, or you can get stuck on the lockout portion of the lift.  While this article is not an end-all to solve-all, I will tell you about the two most common problems with the deadlift and how to correct them.  Most people will fall into these one of these two categories.  If you require additional assistance, please, consider hiring a coach.

It's that time of year that everyone wants to be outside, whether it's at the beach, at the park, or taking your fitness routine outside. Who wants to be couped up inside when you can be outside making new friends from the neighborhood boot camp. Chances are there's one going on in your neighborhood or it's about to start.

If you are a dedicated weightlifter, you have probably had to struggle with fitness plateaus at some point. What most lifters do when they reach a sticking point with their progress is they switch up the rep range or lifting technique in order to activate the muscles differently, but they usually won’t step outside the gym to explore other activities.

Right now there is a plethora of “sport specific” training tools out on the market. All of which have had some middling success. These devices and contraptions prey on the same people the fitness industry preys upon, the quick/easy fix population. Make no mistake though; there is no quick and easy way to get better at sports. Every aspect of getting better at sport is very specific and time consuming. So let’s cover a couple topics today, strength in sport and energy demand in sport.