Female Figure Training

Perhaps the ebb and flow of life has thrown you off your fitness routine, and you are ready to return to the gym. It might be that you are post-partum, or had to nurse an injury or illness. Or it could be that you have been moving at such a frenetic pace in your life that you got sidetracked from your “every damned day” gym schedule, and need to get back into the groove. Whatever the reason is for putting consistent gym visits on the back burner, the good news is that you can re-establish a consistent fitness regimen. In order to ensure the greatest success with your efforts, here are some suggestions which will motivate you and keep you on track.

The number one thing that causes a gym card to become just a decoration on a keyring; the dreaded plateau. A plateau happens to almost everyone. It is the point when you are going to the gym regularly, losing weight, then suddenly you get stuck with those last 10lbs. Or you’re lifting regularly and can’t seem to get your quads to get bigger, no matter how much time you spend on them.

Competition season is here! Around this time the gym is filled with competitors, carrying their gallon of water, sweating through their long sleeves. The men are found usually in the area with the best lighting, practicing their side pose, while the women practice in their clear heels. It is my favorite season. These individuals put months of work in for only a few minutes on stage.

I watch my bikini team bust butt in the gym and always help them stretch after their workout, but after the cool down I make sure they continue to work on the post recovery. I explain the importance of nutrition and recommend the following supplements to help them maximize their growth.

Working in the fitness industry, there are so many questions about what exercises work or what food to eat to help reach fitness goals and those are mostly asked by women. The internet is loaded with so many articles or stories about fitness and can be very confusing. I understand!!! Well ladies, lets dive right in and rid the top 5 myth busters I often hear once and for all! Let the countdown begin……

Tighten Your Own Head Turning Backside!

Hey, girls! Nothing will make the boys remember you (even if they forget your name! lol) like a fit, tight derriere! Be sure they remember YOU when you walk past them…Tone and shape your own eye-catching bootie with a butt-blasting workout you won’t soon forget! Here’s a fun program to help you get fit and lean!

IFBB Pro Karina Nascimento's Butt Blast Cardio Workout

VERTICAL PRESS: No weight, but if you’re advanced, put plate of 25 to 45 lbs on each side. Bring the knees all the way down to the chest. Get full extension to work your gluteus muscles better. 30 reps

I don't use cardio work to burn fat. I use it to condition my heart, so I can have a fat burning anaerobic workout. Training is performed at a very steady pace, with the average rest between sets at about 30 to 36 seconds between sets.

The One Leg Step Up is an intermediate plyometric exercise that combines the power and speed element of a jump up with the balance and coordination needed in a single leg exercise.

In this video we see IFBB Pro, Karina Nascimento demonstrating her version.

PART 1 Upper Body Sculpt – 

OK, hard-working ladies, if you’re looking to tighten, tone and sculpt your upper body – cap off those delts, taper that waist, emphasize that hourglass figure, look no further! Sexy-Strong athlete, IFBB Pro Figure competitor and trainer of champion athletes, Meriza Deguzman-Ciccone shows you how the pro’s do it! It’s time to get fit and lean with Sexy-Strong®!

Ah, the pullover. This classic exercise has deepened the chests of bodybuilders for many years and is hailed to be the best move for expanding the ribcage. But does it have any utility in shaping the physiques of those who compete in the newer divisions of men’s physique and bikini?

I regularly perform pullovers (usually dumbbell, but at times barbell) as part of my training regimen; a fact which may surprise people. For the past eight months, I have welcomed pullovers into my chest days and over that span of time have noticed a wider lat sweep, more developed rear delts, and more prominent serratus anterior fibers. Certainly if a bikini competitor like me can benefit from doing pullovers, a men’s physique athlete could only stand to benefit from such physical changes, making pullovers beneficial for the new breed of competitive athlete.

"In women's physique, the abdominal is a focal point to a complete physique."

I was the first women’s IFBB Physique Champion in 2011 and I am also a mother of 3 children's age 4, 8, and 9. However, I was very self-conscious about my abdominal wall. One bit of feedback that I had from the judges was to bring in my waist and develop the abs. So I went to work on it, since I decided after my win in 2011 I was going to take my physique all the way to the Olympia. That was a huge challenge, because during my pregnancy, I had a split down my abdominal wall (known as diastasis recti) and a recurring hernia.

I am Karina Nascimento, 41, of Boca Raton, Florida, and my competitive bodybuilding career started in 1999.  I won the Ronnie Coleman classic 1st and Overall Texas, the Iron Games 1st and Overall Oklahoma, the Iron Men/Iron Maiden 1st and overall California, the Women's Extravaganza 1st and Overall New York, 3rd at my first Pro show Ms. International Arnold Classic 03. 

Some people say that squatting thickens the waist.

IFBB Pro Meriza Deguzman-Ciccone might not necessarily agree.

 "If done properly, squatting is one of the greatest exercises for not only the lower half, but the entire body. When you squat, you engage everything, including core, if you do it right. Hips, quads, hamstrings, glutes, inner thighs, core, you hit it all with the squat!"

Calling all female trainees!

Do you want a serious set of glutes that are taut and round? Of course, you do–who doesn’t? If you are lacking in glute development, don’t fret, there is hope. All you need to do is train and eat properly, work hard, and be consistent.

Breaking the silence of this crippling condition

There is a strange phenomenon that occurs to individuals during the process of becoming a bodybuilding competitor. This affliction shows no preference for class and can affect every competitor from bikini to bodybuilder equally. When, how, or why this change occurs is unknown but it’s existence and serious nature must be brought to light.

Because Strong is Beautifully Sexy!

Once upon a time, the fairer sex was encouraged to avoid physical activity; to "act like a lady" and "let the man do it for you"...

Well, that attitude and concept have all but disappeared, much like the one-way pager and the 400lb desktop computer... 

These days, not only is it acceptable for a woman to be fit, it's actually celebrated in most demographic groups these days!