If you're like me, than you go into each workout knowing that you're going to get a solid session according to your program and you're going to crush it, and you're going to be smart about it. So, with that said, the occasional "beast mode" throw down is not only a physical test, but a mental one as well.

We all fondly recall Arnold Schwarzenegger’s line in the 1977 documentary “Pumping Iron” about having no fear of throwing up or fainting in the gym. To put everything into that set, rep after rep, “no matter what happens.”

HIIT training has become very popular recently, but what is HIIT training?

Who will benefit from it?
What’s the difference between HIIT and interval training?
Is it superior to aerobics?
In this show we answer those and many other questions about HIIT training with researcher Dr. Abbie Smith-Ryan.

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