Physique Workout of The Week

Time to put your core to the test!! They say “abs are made in the kitchen”, but the truth is, abs are made in the GYM and REVEALED in the kitchen! Your rectus abdominus, obliques, serratus, and transverse abdominus are all muscles that need to be trained to create the 6/8 pack every guy and girl dreams of. Each exercise below will have an advanced version and an intermediate version (advanced/intermediate). Take 45 seconds between each exercise and lets carve those abs nice and deep!

This week’s workout is all about building that solid chest we all want! This workout features drop sets and reps to failure. It should not be run more than once per 2-3 week period. This is heavily taxing and requires ample recovery time and should be included in a properly periodized training protocol! As always, lift safe and at your own risk!

This week’s workout is all about building lats worthy of a flying squirrel with calves that make people hungry for veal when they look at them! I have a lot of success with splitting up back days between vertical pull movements and horizontal. This workout will help with back with and the upper lats and will finish off with a calf killer! Full range and tempo is KEY for calf training, so NO bouncing!!!

This leg day workout will focus on bringing out size and strength in the front of your legs.  This should be used as a supplement to a full body program, with hamstrings and glutes having their own separate day.