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If you're like me, than you go into each workout knowing that you're going to get a solid session according to your program and you're going to crush it, and you're going to be smart about it. So, with that said, the occasional "beast mode" throw down is not only a physical test, but a mental one as well.


During my finishers, I will either do squats or dead lifts, simply because there are no greater exercises. So what are the major benefits of finishing with squats? 1. They destroy fat! 2. They build muscle! 3. They test work threshold! 4. They build a stronger mental toughness! In terms of shredding fat, HIIT is the best method for fat loss. Any oxygen that is lacking during HIIT training is reimbursed through EPOC (Exercise Post-Oxygen Consumption). Which is keeping your metabolism elevated after your workout! Simply put, kicking your butt for a couple minutes will have your body burning calories hours after that bout. Squat finishers build muscle by creating huge amounts of metabolic stress and muscular damage to a bigger part of your body, "kick-starting" muscle growth. There's an increase in tissue damage and the movement or shift of the satellite cells in the muscles. By accomplishing more work in less time, you are forcing your energy systems to adapt. Which increases work capacity and threshold. Finishers require you embrace the pain, and fancy the challenge to push through physical confines. In short, finishers build a toughness that not only gives you confidence, but the edge to become accomplished in all aspects of life. Not simply in the gym.

Ok, so with that said, a squat finisher is not for the faint of heart. They will require some effort! Here are some examples of the ones that i've done: The Iso Challenge, for me its usually done with 225 on the bar. Set up like you're going to do a set of squats, however it is only going to be one rep. Descend to quads parallel with the floor and hold it for as long as you can. Sometimes I can get back up to standing position, sometimes I can't. In those can't instances, make sure you have the safety bars locked in position and just let them have the weight if you can't get back up after 30 seconds or whatever it is that you can do. Another one that I like is the squat rep challenge, I also use 225 for this one, sometimes its 185 or even 135, just depends on how I'm feeling. Generally you're looking for about 40% of whatever your squat max is, and do as many reps as possible, for one set without racking the weight. You should shoot for somewhere in the 20-40 range.

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