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Oh infomercials, how entertaining you can be. “Oh hey there infomercial, what'cha doing?” “Well, just over here giving millions of Americans false hope on an easy outcome to fitness and health, no big deal.” Take a pill for this, use this contraption to get huge, use this one to get ripped, use this treadmill to lose 100lbs a month……. It’s really frustrating that millions are spent on advertising the easy way out. Let’s get one thing straight, there is no easy way!!

The “something is better than nothing” mind frame is killing (literally) people in this country. P90X, Insanity, Ab roller, shake weight, slimming wraps, total gym, whatever other stuff you see on TV are ineffective, to say the least!

Why none of these programs work long term:

1) You need someone to teach you form, hands on!

-As far as I know none of these platforms come with an interactive hologram that is coaching/cueing and correcting you as you move. Doing these movements without a good coach present is a good way to acquire an injury.

2) You need more resistance than a band or your body weight.

-Your body can and will adapt to handling your own body weight very quickly, so where are you going to go from there? How can you keep getting results as the workout get easier? The thing that sucks about training is that the moment something is easy, is the same moment you are not making gainzz.

3) Cardio will only take you so far.

-Cardio will only create a certain maximum of caloric expenditure, eventually you can’t increase this enough to continue to see results (you run out of time). Yet, you can increase weight exponentially.

4) Who really works out at home? And takes it seriously.

-Are you really busting your butt at home? “Oh look honey that show you like is on”. “Oh ok well I will just do my P90x tomorrow night”. It is proven that when you leave your house to train you get more out of your time and you take your training more serious.

5) You only need the basics as a novice trainee.

-As a novice trainee anything can and will make you “better”. However, ideally we would like to do the least to get the most, right? So, what if we start with the most? Then where will we go? Learn the basics and get strong doing them so you can advance yourself as you become more trained or fit.

6) Isolation movements

-Well, they are flat out inferior to compound movements! Isolation movements do not use a large amount of muscle mass, therefore do not require a lot of calories to do and recover from. On another note, Abs are seen by eating “clean” and training smart. Not doing electric contractions or ab rollouts alone.

7) Nutrition

-Don’t really need to delve into this here. None of these address proper nutrition for each individual and follow up to hold you accountable.

Training to get lifelong results is very hard. It takes dedication to change your life, to put training and nutrition in the forefront when it’s been in the rearview mirror the last 20 years of your life. Breaking a 20-year-old habit is not easy by any means, so what makes you think results will come that easy? Train hard, train smart and don’t be afraid to ask for help!