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To most people in the gym, intensity is going faster. Jumping from exercise to exercise with limited to no rest periods. Basically doing supersets, tri sets, or giant sets. Now that is indeed a more intense workout, no question, and that will certainly increase your fat burning potential (metabolics). Is it however the best way to increase the intensity of your workout?

How often do you perform 1RM's? Rarely ever I'm guessing. This seems to be an every three to six month thing for most people. I would recommend "maxing out" maybe every other week or at least once a month. Reason being is that there is NOTHING more intense than performing a 1RM, no matter what the exercise is. Not only does it require every muscle to work together to complete the lift, it also requires complete mental focus. So literally EVERYTHING YOU HAVE is enlisted. That is indeed the definition of intensity. So I implore you to add 1RM (one rep max) into your routine going forward.

Time under tension (TUT)...yes!! Most have zero clue what this is, and that is unfortunate as this is where the money is made. Think of it as a super concentration rep. Lets use the bicep curl as today's example. Everyone knows how to do a bicep curl, simple right, just up down up down. Well, no not really. Check your posture, shoulders back, chest up. While curling the weight, bring your elbow forward a bit, at the top of your curl, your wrist shouldn't be directly above your elbow. If so, this has "turned off" of your bicep. Ok, so now we have our curl form, let increase our TUT as much as we can. Do you know the tempo counts? Most people in the gym are 1-0-1-0. We are going to increase this to 3-2-3-1. What's this mean you ask? With the bicep curl, the first number is the concentric motion, the second number is the pause where we will squeeze at the top, the third number is the eccentric action and the last number is the "rest" at the bottom or finish of the curl. These numbers are all seconds. So in this example: take 3 seconds to curl the weight to the top, then squeeze and hold for 2 seconds, now take another 3 seconds to lower the weight back to the start point, and then a second to "rest" before you get after it again. This can be applied to any exercise.

Following these two "rules", you will not only see improvements in strength, but also really start to see the body fat melt away. You're welcome! :)