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Now, this is mainly for the cardio bunny out there. That happens to mostly be women, but is a good deal of men as well. What is a cardio bunny you ask? Someone who goes to the gym and only gets on the elliptical or the treadmill (cardio equipment in general) and doesn't do any resistance training.

It baffles me to why someone would get on the treadmill for 45-60 mins. There are always exceptions to the rule, so in this case it would be that you are training for a distance race. Other than that, you should not be on cardio for that long. You are wasting your time and most importantly your muscle. Most cardio bunnies will also under eat. This is another matter but just a quick touch on the subject...don't ever eat anything lower than 1200 calories a day. Never! If you are and have been for some time, don't just jump to 1200 today or tomorrow. Gradually increase your calories over time. Going back to excessive cardio: If this statement doesn't deter you from doing your LISS (Low Intensity Steady State) cardio, you are probably beyond help. That statement is this "every study ever done has shown that extended LISS cardio burns muscle at a higher rate that fat"

What does that mean? Well why are you on the treadmill right now "working out"? 90% of gym goers want to lose body fat. So if you're wanting to lose body fat and you're on the treadmill doing extended LISS're not losing body fat. You're losing your lean muscle tissue. Most people are visual, so picture this...look at distance runners. Have you ever seen one that's not what most would call skinny fat? Now, compare the body of a that distance runner in your mind to that of a sprinter. Which body type more appeals to you?

Muscle loss equals reduced metabolic rate which equals subsequent weight gain. Not only is LISS time consuming, it will not build muscle or strength gain. Now, there is a benefit to LISS in that it will lower your resting heart rate over time, but so will actual working out! LISS cardio is fine for someone new to the gym, get your bearings and get your body moving. Again, take advantage of the fitness consult offered at your local gym. Gain knowledge and move forward. I hope that this article has shown some of you the "light" with this particular topic. Please ask me questions, I'd love to help.