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I sat down with Cassandra Golden, registered Dietitian for Onyx Elite, to talk about weight loss strategies for 2017. I wanted her firsthand knowledge and expertise on how the general public and clients could hold themselves accountable for their resolutions and achieve them without falling off the wagon.

At ONYX Elite, we offer a transformation environment and we like to keep things simple. Cassandra offers four weight loss strategies for you to implement this month!

Shawnee: What is your go-to tip?

Cassandra: The most important tip I can share with you is to choose a plan that focuses on overall health, not just foods allowed and not allowed. Changing your lifestyle is the only way to experience long- term weight loss. A healthy lifestyle goes beyond weight loss goals to positively affect blood pressure and cholesterol levels. This lowers the risk of heart disease, which is the number one cause of death in this country!

On a lighter note (pun intended), here are four steps to kick-start your weight loss:

  1. Make a change...which brings me to my favorite saying, “If nothing changes, NOTHING CHANGES!”
    • Successful changes come when specific goals are set
    • Create a specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely goal
    • Goals should be worded with intention, such as “I will eat three servings of vegetables every day”. Post your goals somewhere that you will see daily…such as the mirror or the fridge!
    • Attach a date to every goal and get an accountability partner (dietitians and trainers make fabulous accountability partners!)

Shawnee: Let’s talk about the importance of metabolism and educate our readers on fuel.

Cassandra: YES!!!

2. You must eat healthy foods consistently.

    • Your metabolism is like a fire, which needs small doses of wood (or fuel) to continue burning. Without fuel, the fire fizzles out and becomes ineffective.
    • Empty calories (foods with little nutrients) get burned quickly, leaving you unsatisfied and still hungry. This will affect your metabolism, which influences energy levels, digestion, metabolism of nutrients, and body weight.
    • The longer you wait between meals, the hungrier you get
      • Then you’re more likely to overeat or choose foods you normally wouldn’t due to the hunger affecting your willpower.

Shawnee: What is the recommended dose of physical activity?

Cassandra: So glad you asked.

3. You must exercise, which is one of the most important elements of successful weight management.

    • The recommendation is for 30 to 60 minutes of exercise each day for weight loss and even more to prevent weight regain.
    • Physical activity has to become a part of life. Period.

Shawnee: My goal for every client I train and work with is permanent weight loss, not temporary. So, lets discuss long-term strategies for long-term weight loss.

Cassandra: This is a big one!

4. You must weigh yourself…but not every day.

    • Monitoring weight on a regular basis is a form of accountability and self-monitoring. Research shows that consistent self-monitoring is associated with improved weight loss.

If you are contemplating joining a weight loss program, here are four criteria that MUST be included for successful, long-term weight loss:

  1. A plan to keep the weight off over long-term, which means it lasts longer than a specific number of days (like…21 or 30 for example). Losing weight is a challenge for some…keeping the weight off is a challenge for many.
  2. There are health professionals available for guidance on how to develop healthier eating and physical activity habits. Downloading a generic list of foods you’re not allowed to eat will not lead to the behavior changes essential for a successful lifestyle change!
  3. The program has ongoing monitoring, and support for accountability.
  4. Slow and steady weight-loss is recommended (from ½ to 2 pounds per week, although weight loss may be faster at the start of a program). Empty promises of losing 20 pounds in one month is unsafe, ineffective and a waste of money!

Dietitians, trainers and health care professionals are in everyone’s corner and ready to help create a plan to achieve these goals, cheer you on, encourage you every step of the way!

Shawnee: Well, thank you so much, Cassandra for such amazing go-to tips to demolish 2017 resolutions and goals! Each one of your points are pretty simple and should be easy enough to follow.

Cassandra: Thank you! I’m happy to offer the advice!

Cassandra Golden, RD
ONYX Elite

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