Six Pack Attack: Circuit Training Template

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One of the top questions I get as a personal trainer and competitor is, “What can I do to work out my abs?” We all know that endless hours of crunches are useless without proper nutrition. Those “cuts” that we want so bad can only come out if we strip ourselves from the layer of fat hiding them.

If you have cleaned up your eating habits, have taken the nutrition advice from our team, and have started using our products, then that six pack will come out in no time!

Like any other muscle group, I like to work out my abs at least twice a week, making sure to have a few days rest in between.

The workout above is designed to target the upper and lower rectus abdominis (what we consider the six pack), and the obliques.

As long as you got your diet in check and don’t forget to train the rest of your body doing this workout will bring out those cuts, trust me!